As with any service you hire, there are practical things that you need to establish before the work begins. Here are the key questions to ask a plumber:

1) Do you have a license?
This is the big one. Never, never, never forget to ask this question, and do not get carried away by the word of the plumber. Many operate without a license, but many owners assume that each plumber needs to have one, so this question is always worth asking.

Being licensed means that the plumber is registered with a governing body at the state or local level.

What is the problem with a great plumber who is not licensed? Your work may not pass the inspection, and you will have little recourse because you chose to hire it despite that fact. Always ask.

2) Is this the total cost?
Most professional plumbers offer free estimates to clients - beware of budgets that happen to you over the phone, however. Most plumbers in Mission Viejo will come to see the work you have to do before telling you a price!
Once your plumber has had an opportunity to look at the job you should provide a number for the cost, ask if what he has quoted includes materials, labor and some guarantee for any problem. Some budgets look great on paper, but they only include the basic cost of the materials and will skyrocket as the work continues.

3) Is this an hourly or lump-sum fee?
Many plumbers incorporate clauses in contracts that say that customers will pay any reasonable cost to complete the job. When you get a quote, be sure to ask if the total you are quoting is a flat fee - one that will not change due to labor costs - or if your plumber is using an hourly rate plus the cost of materials. The problem with the second option is that while the materials are a fixed price, if the work is prolonged, the cost will continue to increase while you pay for labor. Make sure you know what you are getting before signing a contract.

4) When do you want the payment?
Always ask when the plumber expects to be paid, and how much of the total cost he wants in advance. If your potential plumber asks for 100 percent of the cost before the work begins, walk away. Some will use a "landmarks" system: once a certain job has been completed, you will be asked to pay a certain percentage.

Some will use the time: After a specified number of weeks, you will pay a certain portion of the total cost. Milestones are often better, since payment is only made when completing certain tasks. Time payments can be worked, but if the plumber works slowly, you might be paying too much for too little.

5) Who is doing the work?
Mission Viejo plumbing companies often employ more than one plumber, and for large projects they can use a team of workers. Always ask if the plumber who gives you the quote is the one who does the work.

If you say no, ask who will complete the job and what level of experience and qualifications you have. If you feel uncomfortable with the answer or if the plumber Mission Viejo cannot provide the details, you might want to continue looking.

6) Do you clean up your mess?
This seems like it should have an obvious answer, but some plumbing companies in Mission Viejo do not clean the environment after the work done, leaving the client to clean the garbage, boxes of new materials and a giant messy mess.
Always ask if cleaning is included as part of a budget, and if not, ask why. Some companies may charge for cleaning in addition to completing a job, and the cost may be worth it - but never forget to ask.

7) What if something breaks?
Before signing any contract, ask what guarantees come with the work of the plumber. Some promise to return within a year and fix any problem; others will offer service only in certain accessories in a bathroom or under certain conditions if a leak occurs. Make sure any type of guarantee is in writing.

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