Our society depends on the caregivers in homes, schools, health care facilities, and elsewhere. Often the classic profile of a dedicated caregiver is a person who puts others before him/herself. For these special people the concept of “Taking care of #1” first seems selfish and alien to them.

It is for all of you wonderful caregivers that I offer the following tips for staying healthy:

1. As you set up the daily or weekly family schedules, make sure that you give yourself 15-30 minutes per day of private time. This is good for grounding, meditating, meridian-tapping, soaking in a tub, de-stressing, or providing special self nurturing time, and is necessary if you want to stay in balance and health.
2. Plan to get at least seven hours of sleep per night so that your body can revitalize, digest completely, and nourish your cells. This is beneficial to your metabolism, your attitude, and also will keep you from feeling hungry all day.
3. If you can set aside 15-30 minutes per day to exercise, this is optimal, and if not, then make sure you park far from each destination and take stairs rather than elevators in order to walk more during each day. While walking breath deeply and if possible swing your arms – raising the opposite arm to the foot that is stepping out.
4. Now look at your diet. What may be good for your children, spouse, or patient may not be good for you. Listen to your body. Feed it what it needs and no more, and try to balance each meal with 75% fruits and vegetables, and 25% meat, dairy, grains, nuts.
5. Also be conscious of food combining as you create menus: Protein + Vegetables / Starch + Vegetables / Fruit + Vegetables, and try not to use other combinations if possible. This supports your body to claim energy and nutrients without expending all of that energy in the digestion process.
6. Listen to your inner voice. Is it constantly judging or criticizing? If so, then consciously turn down the volume and replace each negative with a positive. Tap over your heart area between your breasts as you focus on changing your inner messages. Look for good things to say to yourself and celebrate when you do something well.
7. Finally, end each day by listing five or more things in your life for which you are grateful. Make a statement such as: “I am grateful for ___ because ____. You may tap on the side of your hand or over your heart while focusing on these, as this process sets up a higher vibration for your subconscious just before you drift off into the sleep and dream state.

Enjoy life and health because if you ignore it, it will go away!

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Anne Merkel is a Certified Whole Person Coach and Energy Psychologist applying classical Naturopathy and Energy Medicine approaches to work with clients world-wide. Anne trains health & wellness practitioners to apply energy therapy in their practices and hosts week-long personal healing retreats. Learn more at: http://is.gd/EnergyTherapyGroup.