Setting a goal and achieving those goals could almost be two entirely different things. Achieving a goal means to take action while setting a goal means you know what it is you want. Well, in my experience I went from being scatterbrained about what I wanted to being quite strategic. Let's just say the latter helped bring my goals to the foreground and that's when my life took a serious change for the better.

When I closed my clothing company several years ago, I was left with 11 maxed out credit cards-- yes 11. I know that sounds scary and to be honest it scared the heck out of me! I didn't have a clue how I was going to be able to pay off such an enormous amount of debt and the worst part is I didn't even have a job! Since I had closed my business, I literally start all over again only this time I had the dangling credit card debt hanging over my head. It was enough to throw anyone into a state of panic.

Once I got past the fear, the guilt, and the shame of my poor business decision-making skills from the past, I did a few specific things that helped turn my credit card debt into business I could be proud of. Here's what I did in 4 easy steps.

Setting Goals in 4 Easy Steps

1. Know what it is you want and be perfectly clear about it.

What does this mean? Think of it this way, if you say you want a new car (or in my case to get out of extravagant debt) then I want you to change how you think about that new car. For instance, I wanted to be out of debt, but what I really wanted was to feel safe and secure. The difference between feeling safe and secure vs. getting out of debt is how the "thing is you desire" makes you "feel." It is actually the feeling you want, not necessarily the thing.

2. You have a vision in your head or a dream board that represents your goal.
I personally love to make dream boards (like this one I made from an old frame, cork board, some fabric and spray paint). Looking at the pictures of the things you want, or even window shopping, tells your subconscious mind that these things are attainable. If you think you can never get that new car, then you're right. "Whether you think you can or think you can't, either way you're right." That's why window shopping or test driving a car even when you are not ready to purchase is so intoxicating. When you can truly believe that your goal is attainable, you think about it every day and it makes you overjoyed, you are very close to achieving it.

3. You know what your talents are.
Now the fun part comes into play. After you've set a goal ask yourself: What are my talents? Your talents are going to make it possible for you to earn the amount of money you want. Your talents are your pot of gold; they are your road to success and the transportation to achieving goals. Next to the goals you've written on paper (or put up on your dream board) I want you to write a list of your talents and put it right next to your goal. (You'll see on my vision board I have my certification in nutrition next to all the things I desire). Those talents are going to energize your goals and help bring them to you faster.

4. You are ready to share your talents with the world.
After you've written down all your talents read them aloud. Which one(s) really resonate with you? Which ones get you excited to think about, talk about, and get your creative juices flowing? The final step to setting a goal is to believe in your talents. It doesn't matter if your talent is making others laugh or taking photos of nature. When you can narrow down which talents bring you the most joy, you start playing with magic. It is when you start sharing your talents with the world that the seed gets planted. Doors will fly open and your ability to make money and fulfill those "feelings" you actually longed will be presented to you.

Setting goals is such an amazing feeling because it means you are finding out who you are, what makes you tick, and embracing your talents. All the money in the world wouldn't be worth it if you didn't love what you did for a living or if you didn't have a family/friends who supported you on your life journey. If there is still some fear that is holding you back, address it and move forward. What is fear anyway-- merely a distorted perspective. There is no better time than right now to start making a list of your goals, building a vision board, writing out your talents, and then sharing your talents with the world. Don't wait. Start today.

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Angel Quintana is the Founder/CEO of Holistic Fashionista magazine, the #1 online haven for rad chicks in business. Her extensive knowledge in brand building, search engine marketing, and authentic selling strategies naturally attracts rebels, tastemakers, and visionaries who are ready to ditch the copycat syndrome, play by their own rules, and curate a sustainable and profitable brand using the internet.

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