Nowadays, there are various private wealth management companies which are providing prominent quality service to manage the wealth of world’s leading businessmen and their families. The complete wealth management services include wealth protection, estate planning, real estate advisory, family office, international operations etc.

In wealth protection services, a serious and thorough research is done in order to assess and advice the wealthy clients only after understanding their needs. The advice is meant to safeguard the existing & future assets of the clients via structured insurance.

In family office services, the serving company aims to take care of and increase the wealth of the clients for upcoming generations. And, all this is done by using a blend of precisely established mathematical models providing for personal ambitions. It also includes a well organized transfer of wealth for the upcoming generations, which the wealthy families in India use to merge their family’s private wealth. Moreover, this service also covers anything that a client family might need from its own office, and some of them are listed below:

 Asset Reporting
 Estate Planning
 Alternate Asset Classes
 International Investment
 Administrative & Tax services

Estate planning is a vital aspect of ‘Family Office’, and is a well-organized transfer of wealth to the consecutive generations. This service has really proved to very effective one in most of the wealthy families in India, as an unplanned progression can result in negative financial consequences for the family and result in avoidable stress and clash between the family members. Nowadays, there are various wealth management India companies that possess highly skilled, passionate and dedicated team to help the clients design a structure to clear & put their dream for progression and permanence of the overall wealth of their family during their lifetime into practice. The various characteristics of estate planning services are listed below:

 Trust Formation
 Trust Management
 Estate Plan Advisory
 Complex structures like holding companies
 Preparation of Wills

In India most of the companies which are offering private wealth management services are being run by entrepreneurs in India, who are immensely reputed and globally known for their talent & skills. And, most of the companies also offer some additional services such as taxation services India. If you also belong to a wealthy family and are looking to get any of the above mentioned services, you can get in touch with the leading firms.

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