If you own a small business and are looking to have some change in your office, then serviced offices will be the best option. Moving your office often seems to be hard and stressful, there are many things that have to be considered in choosing or changing your business. The office rental cost, location, and other office accessories are very important. Serviced offices will be the best choice for your next step in business.

Christie Offices offers serviced offices and office space for your business on rental basis. Christie Offices is located in prime CBD locations like Brisbane, Sydney, North Sydney, and Cairns of Australia. The company has access to virtual offices, meeting rooms, project space, and conference centers.

Some advantages of Serviced offices are:

short term offices

The Serviced offices are also called as Short term offices and furnished office, because they make use of a short time frame and less payment on rental charges. If you ever want to make a quick move and shift to other large offices, you can give a week’s notice and can also save money on rental charges.

No lease to Sign

Christie Offices does not need any lease to sign or any other terms and conditions for booking a Serviced office. You can move freely into the company and choose the office as per your needs. There are both small and large offices with rooms that can accommodate 1 – 100 people. While starting a new business, it is essential that you make some proper planning to make a right move in the business. You need not worry, if you are opting for the serviced offices.

Modern furnished offices

Serviced offices are handy and are readily available with all kinds of facilities that are required to start your new business. Among serviced offices there is a huge competition in providing the best facilities to tenants. The company is fully furnished with conference rooms, club lounges, meeting and training rooms. You can make use of the company’s communications and other equipments.
It means that you can benefit from the company’s modern telephone and broadband services without your initial investment. Thus the serviced office is said to be a fully furnished office.

Fees on Service basis

Christie Offices is the best company that suits your business well. Make sure of how many staffs you are going to employ, you have to just pay for the space and office services that you require. You don't want to waste your money by paying for the space that isn't being used. You can have the flexibility to add new desks and other office equipments to your operation. You can make it quickly and cost effective. It enables you to work out an exact return on your investment for taking on extra seats or space.

Basic Support Services

Christie Serviced Offices offers your business with the basic support services to help you without employing more staffs. Some of the best services that are provided by the Christie Offices are latest digital equipment, high speed internet connection, mail management and equipment hire, catering services, personalized caller direction, voice mail retrievable from any location, reception support services, and many more.

Thus Serviced Offices has lot of advantages and if you are a business men in search of office rooms or project space, you can benefit from it.

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Christie Offices is a major player in providing office rental services. The company offers corporate offices, day stay offices, virtual offices, training rooms, club lounges, conference center, meeting rooms, and project spaces. Located in prime CBD virtual locations.