Using serial numbers for inventory items allows to track individual inventory items from purchase to sale. Serialization is the process of printing and verification of unique serial numbers on the product packaging. This process is increasingly becoming a vital activity for achieving safety, quality, and trust in supply chain operations. Depending on the nature of your business, you may be legally obliged - for safety purposes, warranty, and recall - to track the serial numbers of items that you purchase or manufacture, and then sell. Especially for pharmaceutical industries, many countries have started to implement laws and regulations for serialized track and trace process to eliminate product counterfeiting.
Supply chain automation
Supply chains are complicated. After manufacturing and assembly of the product, it travels down the supply chain. The products then go to warehouses where they are organized and stored till they are delivered to their final destination. During all this process the important data related to supply chain performance is gathered by professionals and studied to optimize the chain operations as a whole. A serialized inventory supply chain automates the process to accomplish the task more accurately. Picking and packing of the products that take time and pose the risk of human errors could be done on higher levels.
Keeping up with the Global Economy
The cope up with today's Amazon impacted business environment, e-commerce set up for business services bring cross borders sales opportunities. To meet customer expectations worldwide while increasing profitability supply chain operations need to be well-integrated and speedy. Serialization enables the supply chain to be agile and quick to meet the changing demands of international requirements. In addition to rapid deliveries of the right products, last-minute changes and easy returns with innovative service options gives a complete hold on supply chain operations.
Protection of Supply Chain
Sudden difficulties may damage the entire supply chain. Damage from certain disasters can be mitigated but the speed of the operations to conduct in this regard matters. To identify the extent of damage and to remanufacture the products wasted need data information and put the system in place to immediately respond to the adverse condition. Having a serialized inventory management software at hand will help to identify the wasted item and place an order from another partner or warehouse without having to run the request up the normal chain of command.
Streamlined Shipping Demands
Tracking of Shipments plays an important role in the efficiency of supply chain functions. Transportation of Goods and data need a robust system to locate the item in the warehouse and track it after it is shipped towards the customer. A serialized inventory solution can streamline this process by providing the ease to use serial numbers of the product to track. The data update at every step of shipment let the buyers track product movement and estimate the expected time of delivery.
Better Customer Service
Serialized inventory solutions automate the order management and fulfillment task and hence the accuracy of the product is maintained. The right product is diverted towards the customer without any mistakes and on time will defiantly help to gain more and more customer's trust and satisfaction with the brand.

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