Entrepreneurship as a dubious philosophical idea is truly popular at present.

Yet, being an entrepreneur is not everyone’s cup of tea, and you need to have a

It regularly requires hard work, long work hours, and no praise or acknowledgment to get motivation. A ton of business visionaries surrender or fall flat for different reasons, such as running out of cash.

Several studies show that more than half of all organizations fizzle after five years of their inception in the United States.

40% of startup failures are because of a terrible fit, followed intently at 38% from the absence of time and contribution.

“Being a business visionary isn't for everybody. However, that is totally okay. Actually, like some other occupation on the planet, it may not be a solid match for you. That doesn't make you stupid. That doesn't mean you will not be fruitful in whatever other undertaking you pick. Truth be told, most of my great mentors WEREN'T into entrepreneurship in the first place. Yet, they trained me to be an incredible one,” says Edward Whitaker, founder of DrinkAde, a hangover preventing beverage, and a mortgage company, a real estate company. He has also vertically integrated an escrow company.

The serial entrepreneur Whitaker unleashed his entrepreneurial spirit while he was attending Ferrum College. Upon winning top business student award, Whitaker landed a job at Morgan Stanley, managing $286 Million, where he also won National Sales Director Award. He has also worked with Wall Street, yet his entrepreneurial soul could not resist pursuing its passion. Creating numerous fruitful business ventures one after another, Whitaker stands as an experienced entrepreneur. As someone who has worked both as an employee and an entrepreneur, Edward Whitaker below talks about why entrepreneurship is not for everyone.

On the off chance that various failures with no assurance of achievement haunt you, it's presumably a sign you're not cut out to be a business visionary.  

Whitaker explains that some like to remain in their customary zone of comfort, and thus, entrepreneurship is not their cup of tea. “As an entrepreneur, no two days are something same.  One day you could be all by yourself throughout the day composing, planning, or coding your product.  The following day you could be handling sales calls, talking with the staff, or recording an interview. As an entrepreneur, one needs to get out of their comfort zone and flaunt the uncomfortableness,” he says.

If someone believes the road to entrepreneurship is a way to speedy cash, then entrepreneurship is not your journey.

“I can't envision a slower approach to bring in cash than being a business visionary. You could work for quite a long time while never seeing a buck. Yet, it is all about being relentless about your goal that satisfies the soul of an entrepreneur,” says Edward Whitaker.

However, when it comes to comparing employment and entrepreneurship, none is better or better than the other. Regardless of whether you make an extraordinary employee or a business visionary is reliant on plenty of elements like character, aura, upbringing, opportunity life gives you.

In Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers, opportunity generally adds to what we become. He gives an illustration of Bill Gates, who had the chance to get to numerous platforms to get the hang of the programming path before such conveniences were accessible to many. That chance he got around then placed him ahead of others and added to him making programs that are utilized worldwide.

“Similarly, business people have burning thoughts that they have an igniting desire to execute. Regardless of the amount they attempt to smother the thoughts, it keeps on burning inside until they believe they need to break free and give it a shot,” says Edward Whitaker. “These sorts of individuals are continually striving and embracing the challenge; and thusly, a quiet and predictable working environment can prompt exhaustion for them,” he adds.

The premise of realizing what is destined for you lies in self-comprehension and mindfulness. Understanding what you need and desire to get it is a definitive choice to relish a fulfilled life. Yet, Whitaker advises that whatever you do in life, just make the most out of it.

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