With roughly 1.5 billion users logged on a monthly basis, YouTube has become one of the biggest search engines on the World Wide Web— coming next to Google. Also, with more than 500 million hours of all the videos viewed on YouTube daily, this search engine remains an essential video destination. Even though YouTube is not the only existing video platform anymore, it still makes the most out of your video marketing endeavour.
However, just like other platforms, posting a video on YouTube takes a lot of work and dedication just to be viewed by most people. You can’t just post something and wait for it to gain the attention of the viewers. There are a lot of things to be considered and taken into account. Fortunately, there exist a lot of tools that can help increase your YouTube channel views and maximize its performance.

The Significance of SEO to every YouTube Channel

If you like posting videos on YouTube, then you are fully aware of the efforts you do just to make a quality content. However, you are not the only one doing this, as there are numerous other people doing the same thing. The competition of acquiring more YouTube views is not anything new, but when you came face to face with this situation, what can you do to have more audience than your adversaries?
To gain more views, all you need to do is make sure that your content reaches the first standing in the search engine results. Approximately 34% of people view the first search result that appears after typing on the search bar while only 15% view the second search result and 10% on the third one.
Using SEO tools will assist you in optimizing your channel in order to reach the top ranking on the first page of the search result and increase more traffic.

The SEO Tools for your Channel
Since YouTube is the second largest search engine which is next to Google, searching for content on the platform works the same way as Google. Thus, using SEO tools to optimize your content is a must.
Here is a list of the SEO tools that you need to know in order to boost your YouTube channel:

TubeBuddy is a convenient tool to use in case you want a swift overview of the performance in your YouTube channel while looking through your videos. TubeBuddy is a Chrome extension, so its attributes work within YouTube.

With this tool, you don’t have to leave the page just to view the analytics. This browser extension not only presents the tags and keywords that you are ranking with, but it also provides various suggestions that you can try on to optimize the SEO of your content.


Cyfe is an analytics dashboard that allows all of its users to keep a record of their YouTube performance all in one place. It can be used to keep an eye on the analytics of the social media along with the sales and website analytics.

With this tool, all of the video makers can coordinate their marketing goals together with their business goals.


VidlQ is a tag discovery tool that can assist in increasing the visibility of YouTube content. VidlQ offers several suggestions of various pertinent tags that you can include in the description of your video.

Aside from suggesting tags, VidlQ also calculates the struggle to take a stand for the tags that it recommends. The users can use this tool and apply the information that it provides in order to find tags with ideal ranking and popularity and include them in the description of their YouTube videos.


Canva is a graphic design tool that is easy to use and helps video makers in enhancing the presence of their YouTube videos. Graphic design helps you get an audience who click on your content and get engage with all of the videos you created. Moreover, with this tool, you can create a striking thumbnail that attracts channel viewers.


DrumUp is a scheduling tool for the social media that can help you share your YouTube videos to various social media accounts. Using this tool, you can attach various social media accounts, pick one of your YouTube content, and in one click, share your content across all of your accounts.

No matter how good and engaging your videos are, if you have no viewers, all of them are meaningless and make no sense. However, because most people focus on getting more views just for one of their videos, they tend to overlook the optimization of their channel.
Using the right tools to contribute to your YouTube marketing efforts, you can increase the views and expand the reach of your YouTube videos. With these tools, achieving the goals you desire for the efforts you spent wouldn’t be a problem.

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