Some agencies specialize only in SEO or link building, while other large consultancies may offer end-to-end packages from developing or redesigning your website to ongoing SEO maintenance. Here are five of the key SEO services to look for when evaluating online marketing agencies.

Keyword research

Building your keyword portfolio is one of the most important SEO services offered by agencies and the foundation of your online marketing campaign. This is best done by a trained keyword research professional. A specialized SEO company or consultant will use different techniques to find the best keywords for your site. This may include customer and customer feedback, keyword research tools, competitor analysis, social media, etc.

SEO strategies

An experienced SEO consultant will help you devise an SEO strategy (online and offline) that drives traffic to your site, increases the conversion rate, and gives you the highest return on your investment. Keyword research (see above) and technical analysis of your site form the basis of your campaigns so that you can devise a comprehensive marketing plan to start implementing SEO activity.

Link building

When you're researching the SEO services you need, ask the consultant or agency about link building campaigns. Search engines see a link to your site from other credible, trustworthy, authoritative, and relative websites as validation for your website. A professional SEO company should have developed a network of contacts, established relationships with webmasters, and know how to find the best link building opportunities.

SEO copywriting

Ad copywriting is another SEO service that a larger agency can offer. Off-page and on-page optimization is crucial to your SEO campaign, but it's not always the first click you have to worry about, it's the second one. The difference between a high or low bounce rate may be due to the quality of your SEO copywriting. An SEO company will help you find a balance between a keyword rich copy and an attractive copy that encourages conversions.

SEO web design

This may be one of the most important elements of your campaign, and yet one of the most neglected SEO services. With new websites, SEO consultants should ideally be consulted early in the process when deciding on a technical platform, a Content Management System (CMS), shopping cart software, or other key design elements. Unfortunately, choosing the wrong platform can have serious implications on your potential SEO success.

When looking for an SEO company, it may be more profitable and efficient to take a simplified approach to your SEO activities and to hire a full service agency that can offer a full range of SEO services. Some agencies may have web designers who can help create a beautiful website with all the SEO functionality you need, experienced link analysts who develop link building campaigns and offer professional SEO copywriting services.

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In simple words, you can say that marketing is incomplete, unless you use SEO services. Since the competition is really very tough, it is difficult to pay the high fees and here the hunt begins