The greatest challenge we will face in life – in fact, the very purpose of our existence – is to learn how to develop self-control and discipline ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, morally, financially, intellectually, and spiritually.

The difficulty of this necessary task should suggest the importance of the effort – for all things worthwhile require great work, discipline, and persistence. It is important to remember that the laws that govern self-control and discipline are the very same laws that dictate and determine success – namely: desire, belief, commitment, an organized plan, daily action, learn from and not repeat mistakes, persistence, and to never give up!

The next and most important principle to understand and implement into our lives is the reality that we literally are the ‘master of [our] fate, the captain of [our] soul’ (William Ernest Henley). The greatest mystery, and most important task in life is to learn how to completely control our thoughts in such a way that they dictate our actions – actions that are good, disciplined, unselfish, and convert into habits of success. And regardless of the constant voices in our head – those of fear, failure, doubt, lusts, idleness, selfishness, laziness, or being content with mediocrity – we must never give in or give excuses, we have to always eradicate limiting beliefs, and we absolutely must put forth effort daily. Is it possible? Absolutely!

While the principle described above is both inspiring and empowering, the reality is – it is extremely difficult to accomplish. In fact, the real difficulty is made evident when after a day of successful mental and physical discipline and effort, the daily voices of fear, failure, doubt, lust, selfishness, and laziness will inevitably reappear, and discipline is once again required as the sun rises on a new day.

Thankfully, with constant effort combined with belief, we literally can welcome a new life mentally, and become and accomplish anything. The ability to control our thoughts and mind is possible – and in fact, is necessary for success in anything. Whether you personally are trying to achieve a goal, learn an instrument, stick to a diet, become a better parent, exercise daily, master a skill, succeed in a job, or even start a business - the first and most important element of success in anything is to believe it is possible and control your mind so that your thoughts convert to actions that eventuate into the dream/goal being realized. Is it difficult? Every day! Is it possible? Absolutely!

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