Looking for cheap long distance moving companies isn’t the place to start when you are planning to move across the country. Unless you are hiring full-service movers, you will have to do the packing yourself. While you might think that you have the moving boxes in the garage, moving long distance requires you to have things smaller than that. With these 5 little packing items, you can make your cross country move hassle-free:

1. Box Labels: If you are moving across the country, you must be getting plenty of items moved. Putting a label on boxes help you to know more about the items inside right away. More description is there on the label, the easier it will be for you to get things going. Try adding priority labels for those boxes that need to be handled carefully. In addition, you can also write the room where the box will be put.

2. Duct Tapes: Have you ever thought that duct tape can be used to separate moving boxes from one another? It is inevitable that you will need to have plenty of moving boxes when you are looking to hire from the cheap long distance moving companies under your budget and chosen to self pack your household belongings. However, you can segregate the boxes for emergency supplies with colored duct tape. In case you are not able to find colored duct tapes, worry not. Instead of putting colored duct tapes, you can tie the box with colorful ribbons after packing it with duct tape. In case you are making a cross country move with your kids, let them be creative with the design on the moving boxes.

3. Packing Papers: While moving interstate, you should ideally use packing papers to keep your items safe during your long distance move. These packing papers have nothing to do with documents. These papers help you to create an extra layer of padding in between fragile items such as plates. Usually available without any prints, these packing papers help you to keep your products safe while you make a cross-country move.

4. Weighing Machine: Are you taking every possible safety measure? While moving long distance, you should make sure that the moving boxes don’t contain items beyond their weight limit. If you weigh a moving box before packing it, it will not tear open in the middle during transit. The weighing machine also helps you to get rid of unnecessary items that contribute to the weight but are actually of no use in reality.

5. Pesticides: Believe in leaving your house in a state better than you found it in? Pesticides can be key to that. Before moving across the country, you have to find out the untouched spots in your home. These spots are usually home to the bugs. Apply pesticides before leaving the country for a cross country move. This will help you to keep your moving items free from pests. In addition, you will be leaving a pest-free house behind.

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