As the Self Improvement saying goes, "the wiser I become, the more I know how much more there is to know."

The tools I share worked for me. They are not the only way, but a way: a way that has guided me towards a level of internal peace and an unconditional love of self. This kind of love transcends judgement and blame.

It doesn't mean goody-goody, nicey-nicey.

It does mean balanced sharing, acceptance of self and reality in all moments, service in a non-judgemental state, compassionate loving allowance.

Important as the journey of unfolding the inner love through self-discovery and enlightenment is, it is as important to enjoy life, to be able to develop the ability to laugh at our antics, play with our children, to have balanced sharing, laughter, and a joyful outlook on life while having the time of our lives all along the way. In short 'lighten up'.

Do not get caught up in the process of attaining your dream where you forget to live life.

Smile, laugh, and play like a child in the mystery of the breath that supports life. If your focus remains in attainment, you will always be attaining. See your dream as a reality. A reality you are already living internally by allowing the adventure to empower self through the passion of living wholly your moment-to-moment experiences.

Unfold an expanded level of self-awareness by being aware of the reality you are creating.

Continue and build upon the knowing that all that is created is for purpose and good. The purpose is to learn what you are requiring to learn so you can project an expanded level of the internal love. Discover within the created situation what it is you desire to know.
Check yourself emotionally; are you holding onto any fear?

If so, remember: fear creates losses.

If not, go beyond the quest, so you can see yourself as you desire to see yourself. Have faith that whatever is for your highest good will be given unto you. Then follow your heart, your first inclination of direction.

Through your daily prayers and meditations, continue to ask for guidance, offer your concerns to a higher source, then go about your day in full faith that your highest good will unfold in perfect timing.

Realize that any form of doubt is created through the limiting aspect of the mind, drawing from past experiences, or future fears of what ifs. Limitations that in reality, have nothing to do with the moment now.

Create your dream through the knowing that your worth is not from anything external you place in your life, yet you are worth all things.

Employing a trust that crates a position of strength stability, abundance and the peaceful power that refined unconditional love (love in its purest form) always supports.

Creating from fear, a sense for of one's perception of love, may be a motivation to act (i.e., if I don't do this, I won't eat).

It is however, the ability to move through the fear that dis-empowers self, so you can expand your levels of self-realization, inner fulfilment, and abundance in all areas of life.

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