Self improvement can, in no way, be divorced from attitude because that is the major factor that influences that moulds both the character and the success of any human being in this great terrestrial divide. It is a common saying from the ancient of days that the higher the attitude the higher the altitude meaning that there is no limit to one’s achievement in life once one’s attitude is in the right way.

In order to prove that attitude is everything, it is necessary to buttress this point mathematically. With a pen and paper at hand let us assign a figure to each of the letters of the word in the 26 letters of the alphabet this way: (A = 1), (T = 20), (T = 20), (I = 9), (T = 20), (U = 21), (D = 4), (E = 5). It will be seen that when all the figures are totaled, what we get is 100.

The idea behind this calculation is that we must always conscientiously weigh all our words, deeds and action and base them on that imaginary figure so if it happens that we do not get any result to our efforts no matter how hard we try in all humanly possible circumstances; it means that something is missing in our attitude so have to look for that missing link and put it right for us to be on the way to self improvement.

It is quite wrong for us to hold any other person responsible for our shortcomings or misfortune since according to the common saying, the fate of our life is always in our hands so it is our manner of our approach life itself with the right mental, moral and physical attitude that we can make any meaningful thing out of it.

There is no gainsaying the fact that right from the moment the Almighty Creator molded man from the earth and breathed into him the breath of life, he provided him with a set of rules and regulations the violations of which normally brings him dire and irreversible consequences. To buttress the point when, the Jews were led from the captivity in Egypt and brought to Canaan, the land that flowed with milk and honey, he gave them two tablets that contained the ten commandments which, up till, today, form the fulcrum for both Canon and traditional laws as they are now known.

Whichever way one looks at it, the law of nature is quite stringent than what we have in any statute book of any country of the world today and so if we do not want to fall sick or suffer any undue natural consequences, we must always keep to the law of nature, maintain the attitude of temperance and modesty as our way of life.

As a major point of self improvement, it is quite good for we the inhabitants of planet earth to emulate the great spiritual and political leaders and strive daily to practice their teachings. If we do, we will realize that once we have chosen a goal or ideal that we consider to be right, it is our inexorable duty to stick to it through tick and thin. The means of attaining the goal or ideal is, of course, arguable but only within rational limits and once we imbibe this virtue hook, line and sinker, we are quite not far from self improvement just like they were in their days.

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