We are all human, and I believe that we have all made mistakes in life. However, it is not about how many mistakes you make in life. What matters is how you handle those mistakes and what you do after making them. Check out these self help tips I have for you today.

Let me start off these self help tips with a quote by Bertolt Brecht that goes “intelligence is not to make no mistakes, but to see quickly how to make them good.” What do you do when you fail? Do you wallow in a world of self pity? Or do you look back and see how you can learn from that mistake? Truly, the right option would be to look back and think about how you can learn from it, so that you will not make that mistake again in future.

Your mistakes should be treated as stepping stones to propel you to greater success. If you are starting out on a new journey, you are bound to make mistakes. In fact, I would even go to the extent of saying that you are guaranteed to make mistakes. How can you learn unless you make mistakes? You should be happy to make a mistake, as long as you think about how you can learn from it. Experiential success is often the best type of success a person can get before he or she gets big public success.

I am bringing these self help tips to a close. I do not know if you have heard of stories of how people turned a tragedy into a triumph. For some, a past failure haunted them so much so that they vowed to rectify the problem the next time they were given a chance. This is a true story that happened in professional soccer. Two of the big guns met in a match which ended in a draw. However, the home team’s star striker missed a penalty kick and he later regretted that miss. The following year, the two teams met again, and once again, the home team was awarded a penalty kick. Remembering what had happened the previous year, the same striker converted the penalty this time round. You could see the joy on his face. That goal which he scored really meant a lot to him.

I hope you have learnt something new from my self help tips. Do remember these points the next time you meet with a failure.

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