You Are your Own Champion

Self help is one of the most prevalent forms of personal growth. It involves using the resources around you to guide yourself to improve intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially.

We all face intense periods in our lives, times when the world seems to only exist in shades of grey and black, when we feel like it is impossible to get better. Our professional lives are held down by expectations like having to put up a very good social front, to have difficult conversations with people who might bring you down, and to face the barricade of deadlines from work. In such situations, you are at the risk of losing confidence and passion. You are very likely to face physical ailments as a result of all the stress, too. It’s never easy for most of us to directly consult a professional about these issues.

In the early stages of identifying your sources of stress, you might not be comfortable to openly voice out these issues to an expert. But, you cannot simply let go of the problem. Self help is the best option and a person can even get rid of his/her issues completely using self help methods. Once you’ve decided to apply self help methods, the first step is to identify your resources.

Books can go a Long Way

Self help books come in a myriad variety. It’s wise to pick book(s) that suits your work culture and follow positive writers rather than passive aggressive authors. Some techniques that you can learn using self help books are:
Positive thinking. The first place to start once you’ve decided to help yourself is to change the way you think. Radiating positive thoughts and using positive words can have a powerful and pleasant effect on your life.

Self awareness. If you want to teach yourself to be more relaxed, happy and intellectually active, you need to adopt good methods of meditation. Being alert of your thoughts and actions is a great way to develop a positive perspective, too.

Panic Control. There are many breathing techniques and mental exercises that you can read about which can help curb bouts of panic or anxiety.

Mantras and Power symbols

Words are the most powerful spells to harness energy. Learning to create short, simple and positive mantras is a very significant skill. During times of anxiety, repeating these mantras to yourself will definitely soothe your troubled spirit. When the mantra is your own, you are binding the words to your mind.

Coming up with a symbol of positivity and pasting copies of that symbol in your environment, or drawing the symbol during rough times is also a great way to create a happier ambience. Sigils or power symbols can be even more effective than mantras in many cases.

Self growth through others

There are many forums and online communities comprised of people with similar issues. A self help group involves people exchanging ideas and positive comments. Mutual motivation can be incredibly powerful.

Self help can also be useful when you help other people. Counselling others will relieve a lot of your own stress. Performing small acts of kindness can bring the best side out of you.

Self help is based on one fundamental idea: the power to grow lies within yourself. You can learn to fly by yourself; all that you need is the will to start.

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My name is Harini Srivatsan. I am a young college student and aspiring writer. She believes that if the powers of the youth and wisdom of the old join forces, lives can be changed for the better.