Amazing new self help tips for overcoming anxiety and


All human beings are born with amazing powers that enable us to

survive and overcome obstacles and challenges as we go through


However, like all living species on earth we are born


We make mistakes and experience difficulties as part of our

natural and normal human existence.

We learn from our mistakes and we have amazing strengths that

allow us to recover from our failures.

Even as small children we often get into trouble by doing things

or saying things that teach us to correct our mistakes.

When we are old enough to start school we are corrected when we

make mistakes and we learn from our failures.

As we become teenagers we form relationships that often turn out


We learn what we hope to find in our relationships by the issues

that caused us to make mistakes with our failed relationships.

We all have our ups and downs which effect our attitudes and our


Our moods include stress or anxiety and depression.

Some amounts of stress or depression are just part of our normal

and natural feelings.

The issue that is critical, however, is going overboard with too

much stress or depression.

But what causes "too much" stress or depression?

Your self help ability begins by learning how to understand the

cause of too much depression or stress.

Stress as well as all of our moods are self created inside our

minds because of what we think about.

What you choose to think about also self creates your stress.

If you permit yourself to keep thinking about an issue over and

over then likely your bad moods will just keep getting worse.


Too much stress is also too much mental anxiety or depression

caused by constant and repetitive negative thinking.

Surely if we choose to keep on and on focusing our minds upon

negative dialogues with ourselves then we will surely self

create too much stress over the issue.


Do you remember all the mistakes or failures you had as a

child? Probably not.

We don't remember all these issues because it is just normal and

natural to repress these negative thoughts from our minds.

We learn not to keep thinking about negative issues that make us

feel bad.


Could you have stress or depression about an issue if you have

never thought about it?

The answer, of course, is no.

Stress or anxiety and depression are self created inside our

minds by constantly permitting ourselves to mentally dwell on

the mad, bad, sad, negative thoughts that we self create.

Our thoughts are self created by what we choose to think about.

If we find ourselves in a terrible relationship or a job that we

detest then how do we end the problem?

Do we choose to go on and on with a terrible, stressful

relationship or depressing situation?

Or do we choose to end the problem?

You have the amazing power of choice!

Your self help begins by making the choices required to end the

bad, mad, sad, negative conflicts that are making you


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Popa Woolsey is the Official guide for General Self Help for Self