Many prostatitis patients feel symptoms relieved in summer so that they will feel that prostatitis is self-healing. But is it true? For this problem, you must not be too optimistic because this is fake. Men must do a good job in nursing and treatment in summer.

Case: Prostatitis symptoms get better in hot weather and relapse in cool weather

Daniel, 42, has chronic prostatitis. Last summer, after more than half a year of treatment, Daniel found that nearly ten times of nocturia in the previous night gradually reduced to 2-3 times. "At first, I was delighted. I thought that my condition had improved, so I stopped taking medicine. But in the autumn, the symptoms recurred, and the symptoms worsened significantly."

He went to the hospital for reexamination and found that the white blood cells in his prostatic fluid changed from one "+" to four "+." Still, the lecithin corpuscle decreased significantly to one "+," which was worse than the state when he started treatment half a year ago.

Daniel wondered: why is the disease good and bad for a while? How to avoid recurrence after treatment?

Expert diagnosis: Prostatitis "improved" maybe false in summer

"In the summer, the symptoms of prostatitis get better, which is certainly a good thing." Some experts pointed out. In clinical practice, some patients with prostatitis have symptoms of "improvement" or even "self-healing" as soon as they get hot. The vasodilation and circulation acceleration of people in hot weather can relieve the symptoms of edema and congestion of the prostate and make the urethra temporarily unobstructed. In addition, due to the hot weather, the human body is sweating. Part of the water in the body is evaporated through sweat so that the original symptoms of frequent urination are also improved.

"But this phenomenon is often deceptive. Don't be happy too soon." The professor reminded. Men should do a routine examination of prostatic fluid to judge whether the phenomenon of improvement is true or false. If there is a significant decrease in white blood cells, or even down to 1 "+," and the lecithin body has increased significantly, reaching the level of 3 ~ 4 "+," shows that it gradually tends to be normal. In short, the symptoms and examination results should be referred to each other. Both of them have apparent improvement at the same time can judge the actual progress.

"Hot weather is a good time to treat prostatitis." Li Xiaoping, a doctor in Wuhan Dr. Lee's TCM Clinic, said that the temperature in summer is high, and most patients with prostatitis have different degrees of symptom improvement, and their mood is relatively better. Moreover, due to the hot weather, human circulation and metabolism speed up, which has a particular role in promoting the absorption and efficacy of drugs. Therefore, if patients take herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, it will speed up the recovery.

Watch out for the false appearance of "self-healing" of prostatitis in summer.

In summer, vascular expansion and circulation acceleration can make prostatitis appear the illusion of "improving" or even "self-healing." Patients should not judge whether prostatitis is better by symptom reduction. They should also observe the prostate fluid results.

Dr. Lee reminded men not to be too happy about this. This false phenomenon of "improvement" or "self-healing" is related to the expansion of hot blood vessels and the acceleration of the circulation. But whether inflammation improves, one can not simply rely on the symptom alleviation to easily judge and then blindly stop the drug, interrupt the treatment. Instead, he should observe whether the prostate fluid routine examination results have apparent improvement.

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