These self esteem quotes are like transformational sayings that at the very least make us stop and think or bring a smile to our faces.
1). What You Resist, Persists! One Of The Best Self Esteem Quotes!

This quote means that if one is resisting something that resistance will persist until that something is resolved one way or another.

2). The Point Of Power Is Always In The Present Moment.

The ability to make choices exists in the present moment, not the past or future. In this example, power is choice. The opposite of power is victim consciousness – not feeling that one has a choice and blaming others for ones circumstances. The point of power means we have personal power and it exists in the present moment.

3). I Always Teach Best What I Most Need To Learn.

This refers to the unhealed healer, who heals people and still needs to be healed himself.

4). Would You Rather Be Right And Unhappy, Or Wrong And Happy.

This is one is a classic. It refers to how often people would rather be right (and unhappy) as opposed to wrong (and happy). On a deeper level it points to people identifying who they are with their opinions – meaning they think they are their own opinions. Opinions hold no weight, they are simply our impressions of something and are neither wrong nor right.

5). My How You’ve Changed Since I’ve Changed.

This is another classic based on perception. When we change internally our outside world also changes to reflect the inner change made. Our outer world always reflects our inner world.

6). I Am The Difference That Makes The Difference.

This quote refers to acknowledging oneself as a difference maker.

7). He Or She Has His Or Her Brain On External Speaker.

An amusing quote that refers to someone having a bout of verbal diarrhea. For whatever reason, every thought that person thinks is communicated.

8). The Outside Always Reflects The Inside.

This is also another classic self esteem quote. It refers to external circumstances always reflecting what is happening on the inside of a person. For example if one is feeling angry and that anger is not allowed to be expressed, often external circumstances reflect that anger, meaning someone else will be angry who is in the vicinity of the original person being angry.

9). Having A Conversation With Him Or Her Is Like Going Down A Tunnel With No Cheese.

Another amusing quote that I made up. Refers to the experiments scientists conducted with mice in a maze and the mice receiving a piece of cheese as a reward for navigating the maze. I used to work with someone whose conversations with me went round in circles – hence no reward, no cheese.

10). Up The Love!!

Self-explanatory. When conflict or misunderstanding rears its ugly head, what do we do?? We up the love!!Who do we up the love for? Ourselves. How do we do this? We learn to take responsibility for our part.
These self esteem quotes are guaranteed to cause self-reflection, and perhaps a little laughter. Enjoy!!

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Hi, my name is Dave Abbott. I have done 15 years of personal growth work to heal my past and to raise my self esteem. My how you have changed since I have changed!

I am committed to supporting you in knowing yourself and in doing what you love!