All over the world violence is on the increase. Violence against women is reaching frightening levels. Some areas and some countries are worse than others, but nowhere in the world can you consider yourself completely safe against attack.

In some African countries, statistics shows that women have a greater chance of being raped than of learning to read.

In South Africa, on an average, a woman is raped every 17 seconds. In the USA this happens every 2 minutes. In the UK an estimated 230 women are raped every day, and in Australia about 6,300 rapes are reported each year.

World wide, the United Nations has record of about 250,000 rapes of women per annum, but it is believed that possibly more than 50% are never even reported. Some Eastern countries, in particular, attach great social stigma to rapes and many women and girls are too ashamed to report them.

While men also suffer attacks and rapes, because of their superior size and strength, they stand a better chance of defending themselves one on one. Men who are raped are frequently victims of gang rapists.

In a general comparison of male and female police officers, it was found that the women, fit and strong as they were, had between 30% and 60% less upper body strength, and between 20% and 45% less lower body strength than the men.

Two bits of noteworthy information can be deduced from these statistics.

First, a woman tends to be less outmatched in lower body strength than in upper body strength.

Second, a woman in some way, needs to tilt the scales in her favour if she is to defend herself against a male attacker.

The very first and most effective line of defence for both men and women is vigilance. Wherever you go, and especially in lonely areas or at night, look first before you venture outside or into risky areas. Just don’t do it without company if you are unsure.

Look to see if anyone or any group are standing around watching.

If you are attacked, do everything in your power to prevent yourself being forced into a vehicle. Start attacking and fighting while you are still in a public place and try to draw the attention of people there. Afterwards when you are taken to a remote spot it may be too late.

Every woman and young girl who is ever out on her own should know something about one of the martial arts of self defence. There are many different kinds and some are extremely effective. Don’t forget; your feet and legs are probably your most powerful weapons, but by all means use fists, hands, teeth…..anything and everything you have.

Attack the vulnerable parts of the man who attacks you, especially the face and the genitals. Try and keep clear of his hands and arms; they can be up to three times stronger than yours.

The ultimate defence for a woman is a really good hand gun. However, remember that this is usually only effective if you maintain your distance from the person trying to attack you.

A horrific number of women are shot with their own guns. A reluctance to hurt and harm their attacker leads them to wait too long before pulling the trigger. If you get it within arm’s reach of your attacker, the chances are that he will get it from you or hit or kick it out of your hand.

If you do decide to carry a gun, try and choose the best hand gun you can, whether to carry, or for home defence. Take the trouble to get proper training in the use, cleaning and maintenance of your gun.

In most countries where guns are permitted, the police force or a local security company will arrange for expert tuition and practice for you so that your hand gun becomes totally familiar and safe in your hands.

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