Although there are many different types of two-dimensional artwork that artists create, much of the artwork eventually gets framed. For suitably sized artwork, the 8x12 frame is the perfect choice for displaying your favorite paintings, fine art photographs, embroideries, pen and ink drawings, digital images and other types of creative art. Knowing what your framing options are will help you when you want to buy 8 by 12 picture frames at an online or brick and mortar framing supplier.

The 8x12 Picture Frame And Your Artwork

The first choice you will need to make is whether to select a wood or metal 8x12 frame. 8X12 frames in wood are a great decision, especially if you are framing a painting, although you can frame other types of artwork in it as well. Wooden 8x12 frames fit in well with more casual interior design styles, such as rustic or country, making it much easier to blend the artwork in with other design elements in the room. You might instead decide to buy 8x12 picture frame styles that are crafted from metal. A metal 8x12 frame is the classic choice of fine art photographers, who favor thin black metal 8x12 frames used in conjunction with white mats in a wide width. The metal 8x12 picture frame also fits into a more contemporary or modern interior design aesthetic, and art galleries featuring fine art photographs will use nothing but the black metal 8x12 frame when they display their artwork for sale, for visual continuity.

When you go to buy 8x12 picture frame designs, you will want to think about the size of your artwork that you intend to use with it. The actual dimensions of the artwork need to be a bit smaller than the 8x12 frame, so that it fits properly inside. You will also need to take into account the mat board that you will use with the artwork. Mat board comes in a wide variety of widths, and this is important because a big part of what the mat board does is to hold your artwork in the proper place inside the frame. It may cover a part of the edges of the art in order to accomplish this task, however, so if you want all of the artwork to be seen, the mat must be narrower than the finished margins of your painting or fine photograph.

You can affordably buy 8 by 12 picture frames online by visiting a fine art photography framing supplier. Here you can comparison shop for wood or metal frames, as well as a selection of glazing options and mat board as well.

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