Many people never consider the type of internet connection they are using. Using a VPN connection, instead of relying on DSL or cable providers, could benefit consumers. VPN connection stands for ‘Virtual Private Network,’ and could make our information safer.

Open Wi-Fi Hotspots at airports, cafes, hotels are very convenient. Without a VPN connection, however, that convenience leaves your computer vulnerable to hackers. VPN can secure your Internet connection when surfing the web at public places.

At home, most people protect their Wi-Fi with passwords. This makes us feel safe, but VPN connections do more to protect our information. Unfortunately, Cable and DSL providers are well known for not filtering their network from exploits. A VPN connection solves this problem.

Besides hackers obtaining information from people without VPN connections, another privacy violation exists. Unless a user has a secure VPN, internet sites are able to track people who visit their sites.

Because sites use the computer’s IP address to do this, a VPN connection can take care of this problem. A VPN connection does not reveal your IP address to anyone. VPN connections act as a middle- man, safely transferring information between you and the server.

VPN connections allow users to remain completely anonymous. This means that a person with a secure VPN is not unintentionally sharing information with every site they visit. The VPN connections offer protection in this way.

A secure VPN is different than a proxy. Unlike a proxy, a secure VPN offers secured connection for all programs you are using. VPN connections allow users to confidently use ICQ, email, and FTP.

Not all VPN connections are created equal. When selecting a secure VPN provider, look for a super 128bit PPTP encrypted secure VPN Connection. This is the optimal service to fit most users’ needs.

With this type of connection, you can stop sniffers in public Wi-Fi networks to protect your password and privacy information. Use all of your favorite applications, such as Skype, instant messengers, email, and Facebook. A secure VPN will keep your information safe.

On- line shoppers can also save with confidence, knowing that their credit card information is protected. Without a protected connection, people relying on DSL or cable connections to keep their information safe leave themselves vulnerable.

Usually nothing goes wrong. Our orders go through without anyone accessing our information. Why take that chance? A secure VPN connection offers protection and gives peace of mind that hackers will not be able to access credit card information.

Regardless of your internet usage, you owe it to yourself to learn more about a secure VPN connection.

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