How to defend yourself, Groin Kick secrets

The importance of physical exercise is a topic that increasingly is attracting the interest of people, based on their cognizance of the Greek maxim "mens sana in corpore sano '.In this discussion, we will see what the exercise of self defense as a martial art may add to our physical exercise repotoire.

1) Self Defense, Self or third party The practice of self defense via martial arts entails the acquisition of knowledge` and skills over time, that permit the practitioner to deal with either armed or unarmed attackers, which will then boost your chances of success in retaining your physical integrity, or that of others whom may be at the identical risk of violence.

2) Physical Development: One of the initial and most critical benefits of the practice of martial arts in general, and self defense in particular, is the necessity for physical work and coordination, that mature the skill sets of each different practitioner, to the greatest of their own aptitude, in several areas of physical activity, including aerobic conditioning, flexibility, agility and strength, among others.

3) Mental and Emotional Development - Another immediate benefit to the practitioner of self defense is the development of character traits in addition to physical fitness, these include quick decision making, a resistance to frustration, perseverance, humility, persistence and sound values, all foundation blocks for success in practical human vocations. Another way of saying it is that the practitioner of self defense will realize healthy growth on both the physical and emotional axis of reality.

In conclusion, we can say that practicing the art of self defense, as a consequence of the above results in a greater confidence level and belief of being self secure in your own potential, translating into a higher state of existence, you feel capable of dealing with extreme situations of risk, and therefore can survive crisis regardless of its origination. While self defense is a primarily preventative practice, the preparation for unanticipated occurrences results in a careful and rational blueprint of behavior in everyday condition.

The groin kick as an act of self defense is one of the most beneficial weapons accessible in close combat. (Any guy who’s ever come crashing down on the crossbar of his bicycle knows that.) Yet there are any number of mechanical errors that a a martial artist can commit when executing the groin kick as a self defense measure. - self inflicted painful results are quite likely as a consequence of failure to properly execute these aspects of your technique.

Self defense Groin Kick Secret 1, The groin kick works best in close quarters!

Don't try to strike with a groin kick from long range. Men typically have a radar system linked with the area that kicks in when someone tries to hit our groin. This makes it harder to deliver an efficient groin kick because he’s more likely to turn to avoid the kick as an automatic reaction.

Self Defense Groin kick secret 2, Watch out for the HeadButt!

Groin kicks when taught in traditional martial arts settings are generally set in a linear or frontal assault position, which places the defender at a disadvantageous situation with respect to being in front of the direct line of assault. The natural tendency of the body when you have delivered a groin kick in self defense from directly in front of your attacker, is to fall rapidly forwards on a descending path, if you present the blow from directly in front you may incorrectly position yourself in the direct path of your assailants head. Needless to say, you don’t want to transform your groin kick against your attacker into a “headbutt” that takes YOU out of the fight. Remember, we are using this as a self Defense Tactic!

Self Defense Groin Kick Secret 3: Attack HIGH First!

One method of influencing the body's natural head butt reaction, is to first direct an attack high on your attacker's body.This also makes sure that he does not’t see the groin kick coming and you can deliver more power in your technique.

Self Defense Groin Kick Secret 4: Shift Your Body!

A accurately executed self defense groin kick is delivered as you move your body vaguely to the side while you initiate the kicking movement. When you finish this practice in this way, you can, in point of fact, deliver more power AND make sure you’re out of the trajectory should your attacker’s head stumble forward.

Reflect on all of these techniques the next time you train for the self defense groin kick! For more information Click Here!

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