You don’t need to be part of any CIA project or super secret government branch to tap into the secrets of mind control. Some of these secrets are already out there, although not a lot of people possess the patience to plow through them one by one.

With so many “secrets of mind control” all over the Internet, how do you know which one to pick? In this article, I’ll share with you 3 of my top picks.

Secret # 1 Of Mind Control: Reframing

Reframing is one of the best techniques to persuade someone to do anything. Before you open your mouth, ask yourself these questions first:

Why should the person do whatever it is you’re asking them to do? What are the consequences should they not follow your lead?

Never mind if the person already has an objection (ex: I don’t want to exercise; it’s simply too hot to do anything), you can always reframe it once you have readily thought of all the benefits.

Tell the person that you agree it’s a little hot out, but that just means you can sweat more, which is ultimately what you want to happen when you exercise.

Secret # 2 Of Mind Control: Keeping Positive

It's important to stick to the positive ideas as much as possible. People do respond more to positive motivation than negative stimulation.

Consider the concept of reward and punishment. While both methods get people to work, it has been proven that people who are promised rewards work better than those who are threatened punishment should they fail to accomplish their task.

Secret # 3 Of Mind Control: Appealing To Their Desires.

Before you ask a person to do something, think very carefully about what their innermost desires are. Do they want to be famous? Do they want to earn a lot of money?

By finding out what their motivators are, you then tell them how doing what you want them to do will lead them to their goal or desire. It's important to find out what their goal is so you can relate your proposal to what they want to accomplish.

These secrets of mind control are indeed used in many different parts of the world. They may be used in government facilities or even in the boardroom of your very own office. By keeping up with these mind control techniques, you’ll have the upper hand.

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