I was moving along with one of the most important things I do on a daily (okay every 4-5 days) basis. This is something I can’t do without and gives me the greatest of pleasures. Yes, I was cooking chili and baking cornbread. Eating is a pleasure especially when you place a personal touch on the preparation. As I browned the ground turkey and mixed ingredients for the cornbread I considered my next posting I had began.

All of a sudden a line of thought came to me so strong that it changed the direction of what I would post next. Here we go!

Influence is sought for many different reasons. Among those reasons are to be heard, for recognition, protection, revenge, advancement, and so on. People seek to gain influence through different means as well. Some of the ways people seek to gain influence are through legal, criminal, educational, family ties, and monetary means.

Submission: A bad word?
One of the greatest ways influence is achieved is through submission. Sometimes we don’t like this term because it conjures nightmares of being at whim of someone who takes advantage or is abusive by misuse of authority. I find that many brides and grooms now agree to omit the traditional word’s spoken in weddings, “to love?” Yes, but “to obey?” Not in this life! Why is there such an aversion to this word submission?

Besides the obvious potential of abuse; I believe that we have placed such a high view of independence that we have ignorantly, to our own hurt, ignored our interdependencies. We tend to not acknowledge our differences and contributions in the name of being fair and equal. We are forgetting the truth that we are born in different families, have different physical attributes, economics, mentalities, and social norms. I am not saying that there is not a baseline of human dignity and respect we should share. I am saying we try to make people fit in a place that many times cause them to miss the opportunity of where they should be. All in the name of the illusion called fairness.

Real Deal
Submission is one of the ways we acknowledge the role someone plays in out lives and how we impact the lives of others. Submission says I am willing to have a relation where I can learn, lean on, be protected, encouraged, and still I have to make contributions to this relationship. Submission does not say who is better. Submission recognizes the roles of those in relation to one another.

I submit to the laws of the USA to be able to enjoy the privileges of living within its borders. This does not diminish me. It defines the relationship we have and the roles in which each behave. Submission is not the absence of disagreement; but the acceptance that someone must have the role to make a decision to move any relationship forward with a high understanding that those in submission must be respected and protected. Submission is not about who is better, but who is better suited in a position to move the relationship forward. Sometimes whom the decision originates from may change depending on the variables confronting the relationship. Yet there must be an overall role definition for clear communication of responsibility. This is to the benefit of both in the relationship.

Don’t Tread On Me
Submission says I am in a position to influence the one to whom I submit, because there is a relationship. It allows me the power to not be ignored. Think about this. Even when we choose to not submit because abuse is occurring we are able to secure independence because we know the strength and the weakness of the abuser. This knowledge allows us to release ourselves from the relationship. This fact is itself a threat that is a caution to the one in the role of teacher, protector, mentor, provider, and securer to beware that submission is granted as a privilege to not be abused.

Submission is what allows work and achievement to take place. Someone has to lead according to responsibility, ability, and cooperation. Others then compliment the leadership so that success is achieved and shared in the relationship. Yet the complimentary has great influence because the leader relies upon them for what the leader’s vision cannot see.

Secret of Influence of Submission
Submission is one of the greatest secrets to gain influence because it sends a message of cooperation and not disruption. Find someone you admire and that admires you. Find someone who can teach you and is willing to do so. Find someone who is willing to love and be devoted to you. You do have to exercise a degree of discernment in deciding if someone has a high enough credibility to receive your submission. If so, submit to them and you will inherit some of their influence to enhance your life and in time someone will trust you with the privilege of nurturing their gift of submission.

Final Word
A message to the leaders, mentors, teachers, coaches, and yes, husbands. You don’t have to be perfect, but you do have to recognize the responsibility and value of trust from those who are in submission to you. Take care. Your future may be in the power of their influence.

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Vonzel Sawyer is a life coach, minister, husband and philosopher (father of five and grandfather of eight) who believes that combining wisdom with practical application allows a person to be both maxamized and magnified. When combined this becomes the power of what I call a Maxafication-ized life. http://maxafication.net