How many times have you said you don’t like to work out? You know you have to do it, but you lack motivation. Regular exercise is essential for a healthy body and mind. We could quote you some research trials and studies that highlight the health benefits it has, but you probably know them, and they still don’t offer you enough motivation. Well, this article is here to help you. We will share with you some secrets that will motivate and inspire you to complete your workouts and to hit the gym regularly.

Don’t make working out about how you look

The moment you will stop exercising to change your physical appearance you will get the motivation you need to hit the gym. When you work-out to change the way you look, your high expectations can disappoint you a few times, and you’ll want to give up.

The trick is to stop focusing on big goals; yes six-pack abs is an elusive goal. You should start setting some micro goals because it will allow you to celebrate small victories along the way and will keep you motivated. For example, set losing 5% of your body fat or to run on the treadmill one mile without stopping in the first month.

You will feel amazing every time you accomplish your goal. Make sure you celebrate every time, share it with your friends and family, be proud and loud.

Don’t set hard rules

You know what the thing with rules is, they are made to be broken, so you should not set hard rules from the first day you hit the gym. Don’t say that you have to start your workout on the first of the following month, or else you can’t do it. You can start exercising tomorrow, it doesn’t matter that it’s Wednesday and the 15th of the month. If you set a hard rule, you will finder easier to talk yourself out of it.

The secret is to set yourself in something small, go out for a run in the park, it doesn’t matter what day of the week is.

Do use music to motivate yourself

Don’t you get excited when your favourite song plays on the radio? Research suggests that music has the power to boost motivation levels. Workouts are simply better with music. So instead of listening to the neighbour’s classical music while you’re trying to do that last squat you should have your favourite beat pumping in the headphones.

A fresh playlist does wonders when trying to workout. Hearing the right song at the right moment can make the difference between running for 10 minutes or for 30 minutes on the treadmill. Many gyms play motivational music through their sound system for their members, but you should have your personal playlist with songs that inspire you. The rhythm and tempo of a song can create an emotional attachment or response, what you need to push yourself to work harder. If you lack inspiration for your playlist, you should check online, there are websites that put together amazing motivational music playlists.

Here are some example of songs that will motivate you to exercise, and have the best workout you ever had.

  1. Tove Lo "Talking Body" (Panic City Remix) – it screams perfection for the first steps you take on the treadmill before starting to run
  2. Fifth Harmony — "Worth It" (feat. Kid Ink) – it’s impossible to walk at peace when you’re listening to it
  3. Cash Cash — "Surrender" – run, run, run
  4. Rihanna — "Bitch Better Have My Money" (Handbag House vs. Kat Krazy Bootleg Mix), sometimes a remix has a better tempo for motivating you to increase the incline
  5. WALK THE MOON — "Shut Up and Dance" – this one will make your body pump
  6. Sia — "Elastic Heart" (Wideboys Radio Mix) – a workout playlist is not complete without a little Sia
  7. Martin Garrix — "Don't Look Down" (feat. Usher) – an epic song for an epic run
  8. Galantis — "Runaway (U & I)" – you heard it, run
  9. Jack Ü — "Take Ü There" (feat. Kiesza) – and a last one for the treadmill to get your heart rate going

Do bring a friend

Sometimes all you need is a little competition to light the fire in you. It doesn’t matter if you want to run in the park or hit the gym, some friendly competition can boost your motivation. You may not be a competitive person by nature, but an individual who is slightly better or faster than you will prove helpful. You don’t want to be the quitter so you will push yourself to perform that last squat or to run that last mile.

You may’ve seen at the gym people who exercise solo, but this isn’t working for you, you need some push in the motivation department. Train together with one of your buddies or with a group and you will notice the difference. You’ll no longer head home after work if you know that you’re leaving your friend exercising alone.

Do take before and after photos

Sometimes the scale doesn’t show what you want. You set the goal to lose two or three pounds in a month and you worked hard but the scale does not show fewer pounds. You don’t need it to track your progress, you should take before and after pictures to see how your body is changing during the process. Seeing the results on your body will inspire you to continue your workout. Unfortunately, sometimes the results come slower than you’d want, and you may not even realize that you are achieving your goal to have a slimmer body. Taking a before picture and placing it somewhere you can see it, it will serve as an accurate base line. You will notice how your body is getting fitter day-by-day.

Different workouts challenge your body in different ways. You may not lose weight but it may work muscle groups you didn’t know you had. Pictures are the best way to track your progress, take them regularly and the change will marvel you.


Author's Bio: 

Cynthia Madison