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Why Use Water Filters?

Tap water is generally safe to use for cooking and baking, but it is even better to filter it for plain drinking purposes. While cities do their best to clean tap water enough for it to be safe to come out of your faucet, there are always some elements that slip through the cracks and can cause you to have digestive issues or worse. Some dangerous elements that are commonly found in tap water that can be removed by using a GlacialPure filter include

- Aluminum

Aluminum found in tap water can lead to an overconsumption of the metal. Overconsumption of aluminum has been found to have a correlation to the development of many diseases, organ failure, and many more health complications

- Fluoride

While small doses of fluoride can be beneficial for your teeth and gums, overconsumption can lead to immune system failure and could cause you to age faster due to skin cell damage caused by the influx of fluoride.

- Arsenic

Arsenic, also commonly used as rat poison, has been found in alarming levels in many municipal water areas. If you drink lots of tap water throughout the day, this level of consumption could lead to different developments of cancer or even death after prolonged exposure.


- Disinfection Byproducts (DBPS)

The chemicals used to disinfect municipal water are generally considered to be safe with the exception of chlorine. Chlorine, also used to disinfect swimming pools, is extremely dangerous to drink and can cause cancer as well as gastrointestinal pain and digestive issues.

Benefits of Filtered Water

In addition to filtering out all the harmful substances, you read about above, drinking filtered water also comes with lots of great health benefits.

- Filtered water is more cost-effective than bottled water. Now that you understand the dangers of drinking unfiltered tap water, you may be considering bottled water as an alternative. However, in the long run, filtering your own water at home will save you buckets of money compared to the amount spent on packages of bottled water every week. Buying your own reusable bottle and refilling it with your filtered water from home is not only cheaper but also helps reduce your plastic waste and is better for the environment.

- Better taste. There is no doubt that filtered water just has that clean, crisp, refreshing taste that everybody loves. Filtered water always tasted more refreshing after a long, hot day than unfiltered tap water

- Skin and hair. Filtering your tap water helps eliminate any other substances in the water that could actually dehydrate you even more, allowing the full benefits of hydration to be soaked up by your skin, hair, and nails. Drinking a good amount of filtered water throughout the day will lead to numerous benefits including improving the appearance and health of your skin.

How to Save

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