Silk is nature's exquisite gift to individual vanity... it is simply impossible to not fall in love with silk. Three, please. Silk is sensual and truly.

Silk is a natural secretion of worms' processed and finished products. They're the silkworms. Rearing silkworm and generating silk is called Sericulture. Countless worms are reared in the round, horizontal cane baskets. These worms are fed on mulberry leaves. That is why huge mulberry farming is necessary near these Sericulture centers.

Fresh leaves from the mulberry bushes are cut into small pieces and put in those cane baskets for your worms' to feed. The worms feed on those leaves and increase in size. They kept in circular, horizontal cane baskets and are separated from each other when they are large. Here is the time when they start a thread like secretion. With this secretion, they weave around themselves nice translucent shaped cocoon.

From this cocoon, the lace tread is extracted. The silk thread is then spun into yarn, dyed and can be woven into cloth. This procedure is completed. There is no machine involved inside. This process is slow and costly. There's particular grace silk imparts to an individual's character and personality and silk are.

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