When it comes to selecting a potential career, the financial software sector is an intimidating venue for many applicants, especially when examining Systems, Applications, Products in data management. However, while it is often a difficult field to break into, SAP jobs are extremely sought after, for a variety of reasons.

Reward Structure.

The work required by consultants in this field is extremely challenging, which in turn, leads to an appropriate level of salary and bonus compensation. Many corporations are completely dependant on the financial and technical work done by the members of their SAP team. The high visibility nature of the position leads to extreme levels of stress based on the level of relative accountability; if something goes wrong, every other member of the corporation knows who is responsible. The ability to manage stress and expectations is what leads to such desirable levels of compensation and bonus packages.

Job Security

Replacing any staff member that is intimately involved in a business operations daily technological management is extremely difficult and inconvenient. SAP consultants are involved is essentially every core application, the making replacing them without substantial disruption even more difficult than normal. Additionally, transferring the knowledge that SAP consultants have regarding individual customer or vendor needs is not a convenient or rapid process.


SAP is currently being implemented as not only a general management system over an array of companies, but it is also being implemented in an industry specific application in over 21 separate industries. While entry levels positions may require consultants to operate in a sector not suited to their specific interests, with an acceptable amount of experience, consultants will often be able to select an industry in which they have a vested personal interest.

Training Opportunities.

Though initially limited to a select number of training facilities, interested parties may now seek SAP specific job training in a number of a participating venues across the globe. Currently, the global program has over 800 participating universities across the world, serving over 15,000 perspective consultants. Where as in the past students may have had to travel to an inconvenient location to receive training, they now have an array of options available foe certification.

SAP jobs

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