Are you interested in SAP CRM training? If yes, we can help you. With the ever-changing business environment, there is one constant key element, “Customers. Because of this, Customer Relationship Management is very important. Now with SAP CRM, you can use various software and applications in the business process to manage customers.

In this article, we shall focus on educating you about SAP CRM training.

What is SAP CRM?
CRM = Customer Relationship Management. Nowadays, various tools and software are used to deal with customers. One such tool is provided by SAP. With this training, managing customers have become easy. You can now use customized business processes in your organizations. These processes can be integrated with SAP and non-SAP systems to manage customers. You can also develop and achieve various CRM strategies with it.

SAP CRM Training:
In this training, professional faculty members will cover various modules to help you learn CRM techniques. With this training, you can easily provide solutions to the customers, thereby achieving 100% customer satisfaction. It is one of the most important parts of the SAP business suite.

Example: If a customer is facing a problem, they can complain using email, complain help desk number, etc. Now this complaint will reach the front desk. They will try to solve it. If they cannot, they will raise a ticket. This ticket is raised through SAP- CRM. Now, this ticket will reach the proper technical department. They will solve the issue or forward the solution to the customer. This is how CRM works. With CRM training, you will be able to integrate the software into various processes to make managing customers easier.

SAP CRM sub-modules:
CRM is a module in SAP. In CRM training, there are various sub-modules. You can choose it while selecting the course.

Here is a list of modules.
• Marketing
• Service
• Sales
• Analytics
• SAP Hybris
• Interaction Center
• Web Channel

Features: Business Suite: Business suit includes various components. One important component is CRM.

Support: It supports various areas of the business, i.e. sales, marketing, etc.

Channel: It is used in various interaction channels for the customers, i.e. Internet, Mobile.

Decision making: You can use CRM analytics to analyze all the important aspects of the business from the customer’s point of view and make strategies and take important decisions.

Components of CRM:

There are various important components of CRM that you will need to learn in training. Here is a list.
• Permanent components: These are the permanent components.
• SAP ERM Server
• Internet
• Mobile device
• Enterprise Portal
• Installable Components: You can install these additional components. You can improve the functionality of the software by installing these components.
• CRM Core: These components are necessary for a CRM system.
2. CRM Java
• Mobile Components: You can use these for a mobile system.
• Handheld Integration: You can use these for integration.
Benefits of CRM Training:
• You can easily improve sales in an organization by using CRM software, tools, applications, and techniques.
• You can easily share and access any information in an organization. This information will help you to implement proper strategies.
• You can provide quick solutions to customer problems.
• You can provide 100% customer satisfaction to the employees.

With this training, you can easily attain the expertise and edge required to manage customers in an organization. You can easily manage a huge customer base and provide simplified solutions. You can enroll in online training as well to get CRM certification.

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