In Hobart, the barbers always follow health and hygiene rules and since it is a time of the global pandemic, they are following these guidelines strictly. Today, we will be discussing some of the rules that they are following as this will help you to determine if the shop that you have selected at all meets the safety standards.

  • Sanitary equipment that should be present

Your chosen beard trim shop in Hobart will need to provide a dry cabinet sterilizer and wet sterilizer for each chair and this rule has to be followed by all means. Additionally, there will be a mirror for each chair and those have to be of the appropriate size so that the client can see his face properly. 

Besides, the shop should be separate bathrooms for clients and barbers. Also, there will always be sufficient hair brushes for the barber chairs. These brushes should be cleaned and sterilized after each use.

  • Physical sanitary guidelines

The building where the shop is situated should be clean and have to be kept clean at all times. Also, they should be painted well and they should be well ventilated and lighted. Along with this, the owners shall maintain the floors and repair them if faults are found such as cracks, holes, etc. in the tiles.  

Now, coming to the shop interior, the barbers will keep the chairs in a well-maintained condition and should always check for problems and repair them if found. 

Some of the problems that they should cover are changing the upholstery from time to time while keeping them clean.

  • General sanitation practices

The owner of the hair treatment shop in Hobart will keep the walls, chairs, walls, windows and floors clean at all times. Adding to this, they will keep the barber chairs clean and will wipe them each day. 

The owners will also keep the bathroom clean and will use strong detergent along with sanitisers and they will do the same for the mirrors tweezers, needles, scissors and all other equipment that will be used for removing blackheads, cutting hair etc. 

The owners will sterilise the scissors, tweezers and needles by immersing them in boiling water for a minimum of around 30 minutes. Furthermore, the combs shall be cleaned after customer use along with the Alum or other material that is used to stop the blood flow.

  • Must not service clients with major diseases

The salon owners should not treat clients having severe diseases such as eczema, tuberculosis, erysipelas, impetigo, etc. since many of these are contagious diseases. Additionally, they must clean the towel that will be used for the headrest and they will wash them thoroughly twice a day. Apart from all of these, the shop owner will never allow illegal activity inside the shop such as smoking, drinking, etc. 

  • The barbers should be very attentive during haircut or beard trimming

The barbers who are cutting the hair have to carry out the service carefully while avoiding injuries. Also, he will always have to stay calm and must have stable hands. Besides, he will try to meet customer needs and will assist them whenever required.

Thus, these are the rules and before booking an appointment, verify if these are being followed at all times.

Author's Bio: 

The author is the owner of a hair treatment and beard trim shop in Hobart and is also a consultant of skin and skin-related beauty products for men and women.