Catchy decks are always an awe-inspiring sight. They add a new dimension to your home. They make your home stand aloof from the rest in your locality – but only when they are in perfect shape and form.

You need to guarantee that, and for that, you have to hire companies that are expert in sanding the deck floors. Now there are specific techniques that the technicians of these companies follow. In fact, that's what makes these companies and their technicians so very adored. You also need to have a notion about how these people work.

They Have Quality Equipment

The technicians of these companies are equipped with state of the art equipment, which make sure that their work is fast and perfect. The equipment they need includes sanding machines and wipers. Floor sanders come in two forms – heavy and light, and are designed to take care of the floor and sand it pretty quickly. They need both of these types of machines.

Preparing the Floor for Sanding

Before the sanding starts, the floor is prepared. All the furniture is removed from the deck. Blinds and curtains, if any (this happens if the deck is enclosed) need to be removed as deck floor sanding in Perth produces a fair amount of dust.

They take a hard look at the floor to see if any nail has protruded up from anywhere. If yes, they need to be countersunk. Otherwise, they will not only rip apart the sandpaper but will also inflict injury.

In case of old floors that have been sanded quite a few times, a few tongues here and there may be found. Sanding out those tongues is an essential part of sanding the old deck floors.

Belt Sanding

It is the most critical chapter of floor sanding. It has three stages.

1. Sanding against the floor grains with the help of a coarse sanding belt, which will flatten and smoothen the floor

2. Sanding with the floor grains using a finer grit, for removing the cross-grain scratches

3. Sanding for one final time, with the floor grain using a grit belt that is even more fine for smoothening the surface.

Edge Sanding

Now, it is time for edge sanding. The same grits are used to edge sand. An exclusive "V" shaped sander is needed for reaching out to the corners and the other gauche areas, which are otherwise inaccessible. Technicians generally do not sand the middle of the floor as that may leave swirling marks on the floor.

However, if you have plans to stain the floor then that’s another story. You can go for deck staining in Perth to conceal these marks and give the deck a different finished look after all.

Polishing and deck buffing

Coming back to the chapter of sanding, polishing and deck buffing is the last stage.

Understandably, synthetic sealer or polish can be used, but before that the floor needs to be buffed after making sure it is absolutely clean and free of dust.

So that brings us to the end of the entire process. Now that it's done enjoy spending some time in your new look deck. You will like it to say the least!

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If you are planning to sand the floor or your deck, then you need to bestow the responsibility to a professional company. Make sure the company has the best technicians.