When booking your COSTA BLANCA HOLIDAYS start at the best and largest salt lake, the Mar Menor which covers some 170 square kilometres and reaches a depth of no more than seven metres. The Mar Menor is by far the largest salt lake in all of Europe. Not only is it a salt lake it also has marshlands that include salt works, dunes, reed beds and large unspoiled sandy beaches. This area is so important that it was declared a regional nature reserve in 1985 which was due in part to the tremendous numbers of bird species that frequent this area such as flamingos, owls, stalks, herons, eaglets and seagulls. They use this place to rest on their journey from Europe to Africa but there are also some local birds that stay here year round. This area was at one time used for the production of salt by the Romans, clearly evident by the relics left behind. This also included a multitude of other civilizations that used the salt for trade purposes.

The Mar Menor is formed by the strip of land known as the La Manga which is some 26 kilometres long and separates the salt lake from the Mediterranean. The La Manga Strip has in recent years become the home to many high rise developments including apartment blocks, hotels and the famous La Manga Clubs that is well known for pampering its guest along with top class sporting facilities. As we said earlier the Romans used this area for the production of salt which still exist to this day. They also built communities along the coast to support their activities. Salt was known to the Romans as Belich and considered it to have healing powers and as a result they built spas to help with the healing powers of this natural product. The Moors also inhabited this area and found that the waters also had some healing powers and built resorts such Los Alcazares as places of recuperation. The Arabs also turned this area into a fishing port while introducing their unique methods of catching fish some of which are still in use today. As in Elche the Moors introduced the irrigation system encouraging the implementation of crops in the area which enabled them to become more self sufficient.

One of the reasons the Mar Menor is so popular is that the water temperature remains five degrees warmer than the Mediterranean Sea which allows you to swim year round. The children can swim and play here due to the beaches slow egress into the water making the edge shallow. In the nearby area is the mud baths at Lo Pagan which is famous worldwide for their healing powers which have been proven by a study done at the local university. The mud has proven to be a healing product for just about any skin condition and all you have to do is cover yourself in it then let it dry and wash it off. When you are finished with the mud bath just across the road is the Mediterranean where you can take a refreshing dip. This area is also home to a number of waters sports with all the necessary facilities including tuition and equipment hire.

When booking your COSTA BLANCA HOLIDAYS just ensure you leave time for a visit to the Mar Menor and then your holiday will be complete. This area has amazing landscape and breathtaking views with its cliffs and small beaches making it a place you will not soon forget.

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