The way You approach cold calling will have a big impact on the success You have. If you're constantly saying to yourself

"They won't be in"
"They will be in a meeting"
"They will have just come back from lunch"
"They won't want to talk to me"
"They are probably happy with their existing supplier"
"Their project won't be ready yet"
"They probably already have what I am selling"
"No one works on a Friday afternoon"
"No one will be in at that time of the morning"

Then these are the results you will achieve. Remember - In Life Your generally get what you expect. Therefore set yourself up to expect great things. Your positivity, excitement and attitude shine through. If you can't be excited about the phone call then how on earth do you expect the other person to have some level of interest. Don't go overboard - just be yourself. Well, yourself with a bit of passion! You don't have to be some over hyped lunatic. It shows and will put people off. Just beyourself. Also, I want to ask you a simple question. What do you think of cold callers? Come on be honest! Take 2 minutes and write down some of the things you think about cold callers.

Only want to sell something
Only interested in the commission
Won't take no for an answer
Always call at wrong time
Overly friendly
Overly enthusiastic
Wasting my time!

You had some of these - right? Of course you did. If this is what you truly believe about cold callers then how big an impact do you think that has on you before you even pick up the phone to call someone. The little voice inside your head is desperately telling you that you are wasting the other persons time and that they won't want to talk to you. This is the one of the key differences between the worlds top performing appointment makers and people who are just not that good. The world's top performers understand that to enable them to be successful they first have the right mindset.

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