Are your well-intentioned plans from January a distant memory? Has your excitement dwindled to the point of feeling like drill? Are your work hours increasing while motivation is simply a word that one of your all-too-perky and over-caffeinated work colleague’s could do with less of? If so, then it may be time for a fresh dose of inspiration!

Check out these three instant ways to add inspiration into your overwhelmed or overworked business brain.

1. Get out!
…of your office that is! Change up the scenery. There are days prior to travelling where our whole team is working for hours nonstop. Before you know it we have missed lunch, our water intake is a distant memory, headaches are creeping in and our laptops have become permanently attached fixtures. Nothing immediately improves the situation like grabbing a bottle of water and going for a walk. It’s ideal to get outside with nature, but even if you’re just walking around your office building that’s okay. A simple change of scenery helps to gain new perspective and increase energy.

For my team, the best meetings have been when we go offsite. Even on the cold days in our Canadian office, we will grab the handheld recorder and go for a walk and breakfast while we review our agenda. When we do this, I immediately notice that everyone is much more talkative, creative and eager to have input. If you can swing it, have quarterly retreats or simply get together in an informal and cost-effective way at someone’s house. It’s a powerful and fun way to get your team on the same page and inspire new ideas.

If you’re a one-person business then get out of your work area and connect with dynamic professionals you respect. Or simply find a work area that increases your productivity. Getting a coach will help you plan your next steps and give you a confidante that you can talk to, brainstorm with and be accountable to.

2. Get back to basics… yes, shut off the computer and grab a pen!
If you’re blocked then sitting and staring at the computer is not helpful. Grab a flip chart and different colored pens and start writing down your ideas – the writing process and seeing your ideas on paper can help you find inspiration. If a flipchart isn’t available grab a stack of sticky notes. For 10 minutes nonstop write one idea down after another. When you’re done post your sticky notes on a wall and organize your ideas. This exercise allows you to clear your head of all the ideas that have been floating around, helps you group concepts together and will inspire new ideas simply from the process of getting all your thoughts out. That old saying “you can’t see the forest through the trees” is true. At times you can’t see the opportunities until you brainstorm and get them all out on paper.

3. Choose your influencers wisely.
You will become most like the five people that you spend the most time with. Who is inspiring you and are you happy to duplicate what you see in their life? Who do you follow to learn about new opportunities? What influences surround and allow you to grow? Is there a mentor that is helping you up your game?

You don’t become better at sports by playing with those who are less talented than you, so why would you surround yourself with those who are not playing full out in their lives? Find a mentor or a mastermind group, spend time around positive friends, or get a coach who will help you get to the next level.

Invest in books and read about successful leaders, listen to inspiring success audios and fill your mind with new concepts that will help you enjoy life to the fullest and bring more talent to your business world. We are careful with what we feed our bodies, keep it up by being careful with what you feed your brain.

This is a big year for you. Take the easiest and fastest path. These three simple steps will give you dynamic improvements and quickly inspire your business brain!

Author's Bio: 

Nancy Drew, founder of Drew & Associates International, is a real-world expert on dynamic sales with a passion for sharing her unique, proven methods for igniting business sales and success. Nancy's custom training programs, seminars and coaching help entrepreneurs around the globe grab hold of their business's full potential by giving them the tools for successful business setup as well as creating money and revenue generation