Birthmarks are not all hereditary. Birthmarks usually come from an overproduction of coloring of cells responsible for skin pigmentation. Improper formation of the blood vessels could also lead to their dilation which, in turn, results to red birthmarks. The overgrowth of the cells that are tasked for skin pigmentation also gives rise to pigmented birthmarks. Birthmarks can be removed, subject to several considerations and precautions.

You have to consider the overall safety of the birthmark removal, especially with regards to the method that you have chosen. There are certain birthmarks that are considered health risks or could potentially lead to health problems in the future. Thus, they have to be removed. Some birthmarks also have to be removed because they are located in parts of the body that cause discomfort and irritation to the person. Port-wine birthmarks are mostly treated with laser therapy in order to remove them entirely. Birthmarks or moles which are large in sizes are removed using surgical methods. The latest innovations in surgical technology has made it easier to deal with large birthmarks.

There are also natural birthmark remedies that you can turn to if you don't want surgery. Take note that the effectiveness of the treatment would be affected by the location, size, and exact type of the birthmark. Vitamin E oil and orange oil combined has also proven to be a potent combination for the removal of birthmarks. Icepack can also be very effective and helps in stabilizing the blood circulation and tightening your skin pores. Lemon juice can also be very useful natural remedy or olive oil can be used for doing a regular massage to decrease the birthmarks and these remedies proved to be very effective at natural levels. You will also notice that birthmark become darker in color when there are changes in one's hormonal levels.

Skin pigmentation becomes quite volatile during pregnancy because of these hormonal shifts. You can supplement the diet with necessary vitamin A, B, C, D and E to cope up with these birthmarks and avoiding any discomforts to the patients. It has been the experience of some that, after a surgical procedure involving the removal of their birthmarks, they experience some swelling and other glandular problems. If you decide on surgery as a birthmark removal method, you should first go through a two-month period of living on a liver or a cancer diet. Then, and only then, will you be prepared to undergo that surgery.

Precautions have to be taken and observed closely no matter what mode of birthmark removal you are planning on taking. This is to prepare yourself for anything that could go wrong, and also to minimize the damage if the process goes awry. If you are not careful, you may tamper with the birthmark, and this could lead to the formation of melanoma. Be on your guard. The moment you spot bleeding and changes in color and shape of the birthmark have a doctor look at it immediately. The same is true when the birthmark also starts to itch. Do not make the mistake of taking these precautions lightly. Even if you opt for a surgical method of removing your birthmark, it is better to be safe.

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