The Slavonic population was initially made up of 15 families united in one big nation. This empire spread from the Greek territories to Europe. The rulers of the empire were three brothers: Riupik, Sineus and Trubop (Riurik, Truvor).

In the year of 882, the three brothers and their armies settled on the territory of the present day Russia and Riurik became their leader. In the year of 988 they accepted Christianism as the official religion. Many migrating populations lived on the occupied territories; they were assimilated, becoming part of the newly-formed country.

At first, the army of the Russian empire carried incessant wars with the Mongol empire. There were losses on both sides, until the alliance of all Slavs led to the conquest of the Mongol empire whose people were also driven away. The Russian territory is larger than that of China or of the United States.

Owing to the diversity of its relief, Russia has brought very many improvements and innovations to the world’s traditional medicine. Talking about the Russians and about their experience in traditional medicine, we must firstly emphasize the fact that the matter of national health has always been treated with the greatest seriousness.

All the nation’s great healers, no matter in which part of Russia they developed their activity, were summoned to share their experience. They took this course of action because Russia has huge climate diversity. In each area the traditional medicine treatment is different and so are the treatment methods, extremely diverse. In the first place - all the healers having been summoned - they discussed about the mutual confidence in the various treatments of Russian traditional medicine. Confidence is a very important factor in accepting the traditional medicine treatments, especially the Russian ones, and in getting very good results from each treatment.

The Russian healers approached the matter of live water and dead water very seriously. What is live water? What is dead water? Are they myth, legend or truth?

The history of live water started with a story about a man who was looking for this kind of water to bring his beloved one back to life.

What is water? At the first glance, there is nothing interesting about it. It has more than one state. Water in liquid state is found in nature, from spring to ocean. The steam from the tea kettle or the cloud, both are water, too, only in gaseous state. Fluffy snow or ice, they are also water, but in solid state. In conclusion, water is found in three states and, as I mentioned previously, nothing interesting at the first glance. But only at the first glance.

Everybody knows that frozen water breaks pipes and pots and yet, no matter how cold outside, water stays fluid in the capillaries. How many secrets does water hide, anyway? How many attributes does water have, anyway, when it’s found in fruit and vegetables or plants?

Live water and dead water are found in the underground sources. The spring of miracle water is one of these sources, the one that has collected 1,500-2,000 meters deep underground, after undergoing many filtering stages and after being enriched along its route with minerals and amazing powers from all the plants it came in contact with at the surface.

Let’s get back to figures! Fifty-five to seventy percent of a man’s body mass is water. There is more water than fat in our muscles. The bigger our body is, the larger the amount of water. Water is part of any cell in the human body. Blood contains 83% water, muscles 73%, fats 25% and bones 22%. Seventy percent of the body water is in the cells, in combination with the protoplasm. It is called structural water. It has a high bioactivity and it ensures body’s resistance against the aggressive environmental agents. The body water by itself is enough to ensure our health guaranteed.

The water structure, H2O, is known, but change has been taking place constantly for billions of years. We must also see the other elements from Mendeleev table, taking into account that millions of tons of gold, silver and other metals are dissolved in the ocean. There are also huge amounts of salts in the water. The water that we drink contains: iron, manganese, zinc, aluminum, calcium, nitrates, phosphates and many others.

As early as the beginning of their existence, the Russians proved that there were a lot of miracle components in snow and in ice or in the mountain springs, which worked wonders in a treatment, owing to the fact that water was enriched with very many minerals and vitamins, etc., drawn from herbs. Water also contains a wide spectrum of physical-chemical elements. The Russians proved that – under certain circumstances – water can light in the dark or it does not freeze, even if the temperature is minus 100 degrees Celsius; it can have healing properties, as well, or it can fight destructive agents. The Russians proved that there are very many places in Siberia and Caucasus where water is 100% beneficent for treatment. They realized it seeing the wounded animals cross lakes or wet their feet or body in water and their wounds healed, which proved that the water collected there had many properties. Similarly, seeing the ancient trees that lived by the wonder-working water, they realized that the water drew its healing power from those trees as well.

The Russians understood that there were really live waters underground. Studying them, they saw that there were crystals around the reservoir under search, which came in contact with the water, giving it an entirely different taste.

The Russians used to treat their injured soldiers but also the patients’ incurable wounds with those waters. From the very beginning of the Russian traditional medicine, the fact was known that healers – when dealing with a very difficult case – went and took water from lightning-stricken springs or lakes.

Today we can see that, ever since ancient times, traditional medicine practitioners have used energy-charged water from natural resources. The human body feeds with water enriched with plants, minerals and vitamins drawn from herbs; with oxygen and sunlight, and it discharges the surplus which the body eliminates in nature. In this way, the structure of the living body stays within normal limits. There are practitioners of traditional medicine in Russia who – even to this day – use only water for treatment, but a certain type of water, though. They are the only ones who know where they fetch it from and which water has certain qualities, qualities it draws from plants, from nature.

The first thing Russians do without fail when getting up in the morning – irrespective of temperature and place - is to wash their hands, face, head, armpit, belly and legs with cold water. This is a ritual, but if we come to think better, the toxins that have accumulated overnight and left the body are exactly in the respective places or the tainted energy must be eliminated.

Russians, again, bathe almost naked in dew, in the morning before sunrise. Dew is purified water, the one that has the most properties. There are healers who do their healing work only by means of dew. The body is anointed with this water. Having prepared the body, they whip it with small brooms, until the skin turns red, after which the body is washed again. By this procedure, the Russian traditional medicine does the complete oxygenation of skin, the elimination of accumulated toxins and the absorbtion of the vitamins and minerals in the dew through skin and its pores. This treatment must be done only by practitioners of Russian traditional medicine, and not by witch doctors, because that would be a completely different procedure, one that has nothing to do with the traditional medicine.

Water has the quality of changing its structure during day, according to a certain biorhythm. Live (positive) water – this water is active only between 3-5 a.m.; 9-12:40 a.m.; 3-4:20 p.m.; 8:30-9:21 p.m. These are the only time brackets in which live water can be used or stored for later use 24 hours out of 24.

Negative (dead) water has the following periods: 12 p.m.-2:59 a.m.; 5 a.m.-8:59 a.m.; 12:41 a.m.-2:51 p.m.; 4:21 p.m.-8:29 p.m.; 9:01 p.m.-10:59 p.m. The masters of traditional medicine know very well what herbs to pick, when to pick them and in which water to prepare them. For instance, in certain diseases, such as cancers, malignant tumors, fibroids, etc., both live and dead water are used. Dead water kills bad microorganisms in the body, or live water revives and brings energy to the tissues worn and exhausted because of the toxins and of the affections that seized the body.

If we analyze water, which has the formula H2O, very thoroughly, we don’t see anything unusual, but is H2O the correct formula? Somehow, owing to the powers water has acquired, and to the fact that it contains minerals, vitamins and especially herbs, couldn’t its real formula be H2O(X), and couldn’t it be that in X are contained both the real properties of water and the truth about live and dead water? Could the Russian traditional medicine have proven by its practice that X really exists? Should we want to continue, we can see for ourselves that live water is when X is smaller than 3-5, or dead water is when X is over 20. Suppose we put water for tea in a kettle; it boils; then we pour it into a cup; it has preserved its properties, which means its X is 3-5. Suppose we put water in a big glass, it polymerizes, which means it turns into dead water and its X is over 20. It is good to remember these data because, if you drink tea from small cups, the water is live.

The structure of water is constantly changing, even though some people stated that it didn’t. However, the experience of the Russian traditional medicine proven them wrong; water does change its structure. The Russians did many trials, taking water out of a marsh full of vegetation. They filtered the respective water and soaked dressings for wounds in it. In three days, the wounds were healed, which proves that live water, rich in plants and full of energy, treats any disease, but the treatment must be prescribed by the specialist physician of traditional medicine.

The Russian treatment of traditional medicine is always done with live water and dead water. They prepare herbal hydroalcoholic extracts and, by these extracts containing live water and dead water, they treat every disease of the human body, even teeth and gum. I said here every disease because, if we were to mention all the affections and their complications, we should write one or even several books, depending on the particular thing we want to show.

The Russian traditional medicine has many descriptions for the treatment of every disease and they can be found in the children fairy tales. By this fact, the masters of Russian traditional medicine wanted to show everyone that, unless we study history, legends and tales thoroughly, we may never attain the true values, such as is the world’s traditional medicine, which stores all nations’ experiences, and the world’s culture or history. If we lose them, we shouldn't call ourselves human beings or claim to be of any value; and we shouldn’t be surprised that we cannot treat ourselves well and that we die early. The Russian traditional medicine has contributed to the world’s traditional medicine by its many improvements. I have shown a part of the Russian traditional medicine, the one with the live water and the dead water, but the Russian traditional medicine has also shown the benefits of honey, and the benefits of the treatment with a substance secreted by the ants and, similarly, of the spheres arranged in a certain way to treat.

The Russian traditional medicine has shown very clearly that any disease, including cancer, cannot survive the methods found by the specialists in traditional medicine.

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