As a Business Coach one question that I am frequently asked is, “How do I become successful?”

In order to understand success, it is important to study and become a student of successful systems. The most successful systems have been around a very long time. Some of the most successful systems I can think of reside in nature and are ancient, like flowers and trees.

Trees and flowers are incredibly stable systems that have their act together. They work because they consistently and repeatedly do the same thing. They look up at the sun, photosynthesize, grow, and build on whatever momentum they created yesterday. It is a continual process; and another thing that all of these systems have in common: they do not strain. A flower does not complain or get exhausted. For the time that it is around, it works elegantly and beautifully. They do their work in attracting bees, reproducing, growing, and they do it very effectively and they do it all day.

When it comes to being able to generate the same kind of sustained, joy-filled success in your world, the same actions are available to you. First, understand your talents and your ability. Second, understand what you wish to accomplish. Third, create and perform consistent action towards that goal.

The act of performing a consistent action or ritual towards a goal will allow your intention and focus to work together and allow you to find the path to success.

When thinking about success(for many that means making money, making lots of it, and making it for decades), the idea is to use your talents and abilities, focus your actions, perform them in a consistent way, find ways to not strain so that you can sustain your activity for a long, long time, and evolve into finding newer and easier ways to get more accomplished.

What most people do not realize is that the primary success-generating activity is the creation of a ritual. A little bit of awareness will allow them to create an intention, then create rituals to sustain the desired results. It is a very simple process. Again, the point is to stretch, not strain.

What rituals do you currently cultivate that allow you to be success?

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