Lower back pain is a common matter in our daily life. There is an 80% probability of having back pain at any stage of age excluding the difference between man and woman. I think you are not different from the general people who already felt lower back pain. So, you should have the idea of 7 top risks of lower back pain so that you can take the obligate step.

Sometimes it is vulnerable but in most cases, it’s a burden. Mostly the people of 50 to 65 ages are very much experienced back pain. Generally, low back pain is a common issue for everyone because it may be felt for disorderly sleeping, seating, running, or walking situation. A little pain is not just the end of the pain. It may spread in respect of time. 7 Top Risks of Lower Back Pain are described for your kind attention.

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1. Age
Aging is a common fact in our regular life. Every day we pass increases our age. Growing age anticipates a great impact on our hormone, neuron, and nerve. Obviously, older people discover much back pain in accordance with their age. According to physical science, people above 45 feels a silly touch of lower back pain. As backrest is a major part of your body, it could be felt by everyone excluding any age factor. Therefore, people above 45 should take necessary steps to prevent lower back pain.

2. Gender
Back pain does not care for male or female when it takes its position in our physic. Women are the most targeted victim of lower back pain than the men folk. Female organs are less strong than the male organ that’s why a woman may experience back pain faster which should be taken to the doctor.

3. Working position
Your daily working position may hamper on your back pain. We really don’t care about our physical position in working time. Sometimes disorderly seating position for a long time may cause the pain harder. A silly ache does not create a major issue if it is for an hour or a week. But if it takes for 3 months then you need to take serious attention against this chronic pain.

4. Overweight
We know that overweight or fat is always harmful to our daily life. Overweight not only hamper our daily leading life but also it causes back pain simultaneously. if you feel a sudden pain on your backrest, it could come from your overweight. You should examine your weight with the past condition and take initiative to overcome the back pain.

5. Smoking and alcoholic habits
Smoking could be a major fact which affects our digestion directly. If our digestion is abnormal, it will hamper nutrients delivery on our body. That lick of nutrients causes our back pain. It is observed that chain smoker feels much back pain than the non-smoker. On the other hand, alcohol affects our nerve system directly which may occur serious back pain.

6. Pregnancy
Pregnancy is always connected with back pain from the very beginning. Generally, pregnancy adds extra weight to the lower part of the stomach and it spread until she begets.

7. Stress
Stress is a common issue which may cause back pain with another serious disease. It is true that we are living in an age of business and stress but to keep fit is also our duty. Whenever we fail to manage our stress with our physical norms, it hampers our nerve system and causes back pain. We should keep our self apart from stress to avoid the risk of lower back pain.

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