The surveys conducted by National Institute of Drugs Abuse (NIMA) indicate that there are some children who are already abusing drugs by the age of 12 or 13. Many individuals start taking drugs for a mere feel good factor, or out of curiosity, but soon they are taken over completely by the drugs and lose self-control. In US, every year abuse of drugs and illicit drugs causes death of more than 100,000 while tobacco is linked to the deaths of 440,000 people. Abuse of drugs and addiction to alcohol, nicotine and illegal substances causes the nation loss of more than half a trillion dollars annually.

Harmful Effects of Drugs

As per NIMA, people of all ages suffer from the harmful effects of the drugs abuse and addiction. If a pregnant woman is taking the drugs, she is indirectly harming her to be new born baby. The chances of babies to be born prematurely and underweight are higher if they are exposed to the legal and illegal drugs in the womb. The drugs can also have impact on the brain of the baby and affect child’s future intellectual development and behavior later in the life.

The adolescents or the teenagers who abuse the drugs tend to lose their struggle with the life at far earlier age. They perform poorly academically and their chances of dropping out of school are higher. The adolescents are at severe risk of unplanned pregnancies, violence and infectious diseases.
The adults who abuse the drugs face problems with thinking clearly, loss of memory and focusing or concentrating on certain assigned task. As a result of abusing the drugs, the adults are not able to interact effectively and their social behavior is affected drastically. Their performance at the work falls down and their personal relationships suffer.
The parents abusing the drugs mean chaotic and stress-filled homes and family life, with no signs of peace and happiness. Such parents neglect the children and the chances of their children going on the wrong track in their life get higher setting the stage for drug abuse in the next generation. The worst effect of the parents abusing the drugs is on the well-being and the future of their children. In the process of the untimely death of the parents due to drugs, the child is left homeless and abandoned.

The individuals abusing the drugs are not only putting their lives under threat, but also cause danger to the lives of other people. The smoke released during smoking is hazardous to all the surrounding people, especially the children, increasing the chances of getting diseases related to heart and lungs. Injection of drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine accounts for more than a third of new AIDS cases. The injections of the drugs are also the cause for the spread of hepatitis B and C.

There are at present a number of treatments available for getting rid of addiction and recovering from drug abuse. One of the effective methods is to join the rehabilitation center like New Found Life Sober Living House of Delray Beach Florida, Our life is precious, not only for us but also for many other people. Let us make a commitment to refrain from taking the drugs throughout our life and lead a happy life.

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