With the increasing number of exacerbations of  Inflammatory Bowel Disease conditions, and their significant impact on the colon, the risks associated with IBD-related colorectal cancer keeps increasing each day, the reason why patients are advised to combat the IBD conditions and keep them under control, in order to keep colorectal cancer at bay. It has been estimated that about 147,000 patients in US alone suffer from colorectal cancer each year, out of which more than 50,000 die every ear. Colorectal cancer, or colon and/or rectal cancer, is believed to be the second highest reason that causes cancer-related deaths in US alone. However, given the current advancements in medical technologies, this debilitating disease condition can be prevented with on-time diagnosis of the disease condition and time-bound treatment methods that help combat the disease condition.
In order to avoid the much fatal condition of colorectal cancer, patients who suffer from chronic inflammatory bowel disease conditions are advised to get regular check-ups for colon cancer, as they suffer the highest risk. The two key factors that increase the risk of cancer are the severity of the disease condition, and the time period that the patients had been suffering from the debilitating conditions of inflammatory bowel disease. According to researches, the increasing amount of involvement of the colon might augment the risk of cancer, which means, having chronic inflammation in the colon might lead to a higher risk of developing colorectal cancer. Simply put, an IBD patient whose entire colon gets affected by debilitating inflammation might face the greatest risk of developing colorectal cancer. But, if the infection in the colon is partial, the risk can be evaluated as moderate. That said, we must also remember that inflammation confined to the rectum alone indicates the lowest risk of developing colorectal cancer. IBD patients who have had the disease conditions for more than ten years have the highest risk of colorectal cancer.

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