Many people, after they have quit smoking, take their accomplishments for granted. They don’t see the necessity of rewarding their new change. However, research in behavior management shows that periodic rewards help you to maintain the gains that you received from your hypnosis cd and other behavior change methods that you have tried..

It also helps to use your hypnosis cd once in a while to remind yourself that you are indeed a nonsmoker. Practicing regular deep breathing helps to relax you. You can tell yourself about how wonderful it is and look back at your accomplishments with appreciation.

Appreciating yourself not only maintains change, but helps in your efforts to make future changes. Saving the money that you would have used for cigarettes and doing something special is another way to appreciate yourself. Enjoy the fresh smell of your clothes and notice how much easier it is to exercise and breathe. My husband also reported that his food tastes better. He has learned to enjoy all of the benefits and to look upon his accomplishments with pride.

If you do relapse, don’t put yourself down. Simply get your hypnosis cd and use it once more to get yourself on the track. You quit once, you can do it again. You recognized that you slipped back and have gotten back on the path again. Give yourself credit and remember that treating yourself with respect instead of criticism will promote more lasting changes.

When people relapse and look at themselves as a failure, they relapse continuously. There is no reason for them to quit. Be gentle with yourself and you will notice that you can get back on the track even if you relapse. Eventually, relapses will be less often. Some people do not experience relapses. Everybody is an individual and quits in their own way. For some, the hypnosis works and smoking is gone for the rest of their life.

When you are in the process of quitting, using a pleasant oral reward helps. If the reward is small, weight is not an issue. Get plenty of exercise, drink lots of water and eat healthy foods. If you follow these simple directions regarding caring for yourself, quitting will be a renewal rather than a sacrifice. Rewarding yourself promotes pleasure. Pleasure promotes continued success. Success promotes confidence and improved self esteem. When you take time to give to yourself, you grow and do well in life. This is because you persist longer and have less discouragement.

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I have been a therapist for many years in the Boston area.. My discipline is social work and I am a licensed independent clinical social worker in Massachusetts. I practice in a clinic in Malden Massachusetts where I use both rational emotive therapy and hypnosis to help people achieve their goals. My private practice is also very rewarding in which I do home-based hypnosis.

I live with my husband, a seeing-eye dog named Winston and a retired Seeing-Eye dog named leslie

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