Authors: John Montgomery, Ph.D and Todd Ritchey
ISBN: 978-0-9822960-1-1

When we think of addiction, the majority of us would probably restrict it for the most part to drug addicts, alcoholics, or compulsive gamblers. However, as John Montgomery and Todd Ritchey point out in The Answer Model: A new path to healing, it is not as confining as it may seem. In fact, addictions are far more broad based for as mentioned: “Addiction are like parasites that sneak into the most powerful circuits in the brain-those that govern our basic survival instincts- and by hijacking those circuits and manipulating their core biochemistry, profoundly influence, and even dictate, our thoughts and behavior.”

A constant recurring theme throughout this book is that all types of addictions occur when the brain is tricked into believing that there is a survival emergency, however, generally no such emergency exists. The authors further explain that when you are in a spell of non-substance addiction, or of any type of behavioral or emotional “drug,” you are tossed into a survival-mode state like anxiety and there is no compelling reason or objectively persuasive reason why this is happening. As the book illustrates, “all forms of addiction, whether they are emotional, behavioral, or substance addictions, keep the brain and body in a nearly perpetual state of survival mode-the polar opposite of the more peaceful, balance states of homeostasis.”

Most of us seek balance in our lives and when things are imbalanced, problems arise. This is particularly evident concerning our internal state or well-being. Homeostasis refers to the tendency to maintain a balanced or constant internal state that is optimal for functioning. This is the principal thrust of The Answer Model, as it helps us appreciate what is homeostasis and how addiction can create forces that directly oppose this state. Furthermore, the book and the model it presents endeavor to increase our consciousness and provide us with the tools that are needed to dissolve the addiction persona. It is very easy to get addicted to the anxiety and stress that is often triggered by various aspects of modern life. What is important is that we become aware and understand how addiction operates, what triggers it and how it can take over our lives. As the authors succinctly state, whatever keeps us unnecessarily out of balance will eventually lead to addiction and dysfunction, while whatever keeps us in balance, in homeostasis, promotes health and well-being. It should be pointed out that homeostasis not only is applicable to the whole of us, it also applies to every part of us, every cell, every body part and every joint.

Although The Answer Model is far from a bedtime or beach read, and it did take me some time to digest the basic principles, I have to admit that the wait was well worth it. What is quite fascinating is that throughout the book the authors refer to their research in neuroscience, psychology, and in particular anthropology to back up their theories and to present some very compelling arguments.

John Montgomery received his Ph.D. in neuroscience from Caltech in Pasadena, California, and his B.A. in molecular genetics from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. He has written about science for the Washington Post and The Economist, primarily about the interface between psychology and neuroscience. He is the primary author of The Answer Model Theory and The Answer Model: A new path to healing. In co-developing The Answer Model, John's aim has been to synthesize cutting-edge neuroscience, evolutionary biology, psychology and spirituality into a unified framework that addresses all psychological health and dysfunction. He is also a counselor, and performs interventions and rehabilitation treatment using The Answer Model method.

Todd Richey is an addiction specialist with over a decade of experience as an interventionist, counselor, and mentor. He has treated families and couples dealing with drug addiction, relationship issues, and a variety of other painful conditions and circumstances. Along with John Montgomery, Todd has pioneered a new approach to drug addiction and addictive behavior that has been extraordinarily successful for his clients. Todd and John's book, The Answer Model: A new path to healing, explains their revolutionary model of addiction and its therapeutic applications.

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