Have you been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately? How about irritated, edgy, angry, or just “heavy” in some way or area of your life?

If so, you may be experiencing what can feel like a “hostile takeover” of your life. I have talked in the past about retrogrades, and how to work with them. Many astrologers, myself included talk about the importance of honoring what they offer - rest, relaxation, patience, review, reflection, and so on.

Still many find some huge emotional swings that seem to come out of nowhere. Even those that are co-creating and actively and consciously working on themselves can feel the impacts of a retrograde. Particularly, if it is time for them to release something.

This year, is another one that hits us hard with multiple planetary retrogrades; and many have expressed that they are feeling so much aggression and irritation right now. Tensions are high; and people are feeling anxious and nervous and not knowing why. Could it be that every unresolved issue and trigger is coming full throttle at us?

Now most are familiar with the Mercury retrograde. This year, we have more than the average train of them. While we make a big deal of them often times they are simply part of a natural cycle; like resting and being active, like the ebb and flow of ocean waves, like the Sun and the Moon in the sky.

I think part of what frustrates people the most, is some of the human basics. Needing to take pauses; but feeling like they can’t. Having things slow down or feel stagnant when they want to be moving forward. Trying to control things; and finding they can’t force them into being. Unexpected tensions and irritations over things that we thought were resolved within and without.

We receive so many blessings in these retrogrades it is amazing we aren’t celebrating them instead of arguing with them. What makes them so hard for many is that it shows them the work that still needs to be done, the feelings and thoughts that we haven’t mastered yet, it offers us valuable information that allows us to operate wisely and with greater foresight making adjustments before we get further along the way in something.

The things that we choose to ignore the most - consciously or unconsciously - will surface during the retrogrades, the things that we don’t like or don’t want to deal with rise up to where we can’t ignore them. We are shown our responsibilities. How often do you hear people saying “I just knew what was holding me back?” Well retrogrades show us just that; but often times we don’t like what we are seeing.

In the code interpretation work that I do; we are shown that retrogrades show us where we are being deceived, where we are deceiving ourselves, and those in our life that are being deceptive with us. It shows us where we are choosing unwisely; and what is the cause of our grief. This is a sort of lifting of the veils where we get to see all that we normally cannot see. The hidden pieces.

Now, of course, there are many layers from there depending on which planets are retrograde, if there is more than one how they are combining together for bigger messages, how those influences interact with our personal influences and so on.

Given this insight, isn’t it perhaps wiser for us to stand in gratitude with all of these frustrations and button pushing insights? What if, instead of spending time being angry and irritated, we paused and said something like “thank-you for showing me what I need to work on, and what needs to be adjusted. I choose to make those adjustments joyously, appreciating that I can once again move forward.”

We may not like what we see when retrogrades come our way; but the information will show us just what we need. Remember you can’t change what you don’t know you need to change. Retrogrades show us what we need to change in order to create greater connection with Spirit, and flow in our lives; allowing us to be more fully abundant, joyous, and compassionate.

So, now take that deep breath. Remind yourself you will get through this. Say a giant thanks for the disclosure of information you are receiving.

What things are irritating you right now? How can you use the information you are being given to make adjustments and open greater doors for yourself?

Jesse Ann Nichols George

Coding Interpreter

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Jesse An Nichols George is the author of 4 books, which are founded on the principles of compassion, and how to use it to bring joy to all areas of life; as well as to open to living your passion and manifesting a life of joy and fulfillment. In addition she is a collaborator and International Best Selling Author on “Embraced by the Divine: The Emerging Woman’s Gateway To Power, Passion, and Purpose”. She created of The Genesis Clearing Statement and The Compassion Tour. Jesse is a Code Interpretor with over 33 years of experience working with clients and assisting others with their life processes and helping them to work with their best influences and to strongly connect with Divine Flow. She is a 13th+ generation spiritual healer, energy tuner, life/relationship/spiritual and wellness coach, holistic and natural lifestyle advisor. She is also a 13th+ generation Druidic practitioner; honoring and appreciating the harmony of all things. Her work encompasses practices from Eastern and Western philosophies. Jesse is a speaker and also hosts her own radio show. You can learn more about the work that she is doing at www.jesseannnicholsgeorge1.com