Grape resveratrol is thought to have resveratrol vitamins similar to those found in vitamins C and E. For better health resveratrol is known to eliminate the free radicals (molecules) that run through our bodies causing damage. The magical characteristics of resveratrol have drawn the attention of 60 minutes, Oprah Winfrey, FOX News, and WebMD.

In one year Italian scientists and Dr. David Sinclair, a researcher at Harvard, found interesting results that backed each other’s theories. Scientists in Italy found positive results in a vertebrate, fish, that showed an increase of the median lifespan by a half to two thirds. Activity was also increased with better attention spans which enabled them to avoid dangerous situations. Grape resveratrol is known for its support of the cardiovascular system and can eliminate inflammatory reactions.

Dr. Sinclair followed that study with one on vertebrate of his own. Mice were fed a high fat diet which caused a higher rate of death. However, when provided for better health resveratrol decreased the risk of death by 30%. Part of the study showed that insulin and glucose metabolism was improved. The interesting part of Dr. Sinclair’s research was the finding on age groups. Increased longevity was found only in the older mice and had no effect on mid-life and young mice. This may be an indication that elderly people should take resveratrol vitamins to enhance their quality of health. Other studies elsewhere showed an extended lifespan in a certain species of worms and the fruit fly. Made of natural phenol it will significantly lower blood sugar which suggests that there are diabetes benefits.

Resveratrol vitamins are best used for preventative measures. It is thought to be able to inhibit the development of mammary tumors, however, it does not seem to stop the growth of already existing tumors. It is believed that the situation is similar with skin cancer. Resveratrol interferes with all of the stages of carcinogenesis—initiation, promotion and progression. Carcinogenesis is a discipline that brings together all of the varied aspects of cancer studies that is hoped will ultimately lead to the prevention of cancer

It is also held that for improved health resveratrol can reduce plaque in the brain which is one of the problems related to alzheimer disease and other neurodegenerative illnesses. Inflammation related to arthritis may also be reduced with the use of resveratrol. Some studies even show increases in natural testosterone production in men which is thought to inhibit aging. There are also indications that resveratrol has anti-viral qualities and that the growth of the herpes simplex virus can be suppressed.

The following is a summary of the benefits that are believed to be found in resveratrol.

weight loss
• anti-anxiety properties
• anti-depressant
• antioxidant
• anti-cancer
• anti-cholesterol
• anti-inflammatory
• lowers risk of heart attacks and strokes
• lowered blood pressure and blood sugar
• support of the immune system
• enhanced sports performance

The more the studies overall the more we find various reasons to believe that resveratrol can reverse the effects of aging and increase longevity. We don’t have to rely on a single, solitary study. There seems to be enough research out there to confirm those of peers within the science community that resveratrol indeed may be our fountain of youth. It has been synthesized to produce supplements that are more powerful than natural sources and are convenient for a busy lifestyle.

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