Gum recession must be taken seriously, and one of the modern methods for handling the condition is the pinhole gum surgery which is currently being offered by leading periodontists in Toronto, Canada.

Pinhole Gum Surgery

Every person regardless of age has an obligation to take care of their oral health as well as they do to any other part of the body. A primary factor when it comes to good dental habits is always to seek regular professional attention and to be extra cautious about the condition of the teeth, gums, and mouth. In the event of strange observations, pain, or bleeding the right step is to seek the services of a certified dentist instantly. One of the oral conditions affecting a lot of people today is gum recession where parts of the gum gradually get worn away. It is no brainer to understand the important role of the gums to teeth as it is the protective cover that holds them in place and ensures that the extra sensitive nerves are not exposed. As such when one starts to experience receding gums, there is the necessity of taking proactive measures before it becomes too late and the condition leads to loss of teeth among other complications.

According to research, the primary cause of gum recession is periodontal diseases which are mainly gingivitis, periodontitis, and advanced periodontitis. Primarily, these diseases affect the gum line, and as it becomes weaker, the gum tissues are lost leaving the tooth root exposed. Many at times many people never realise they have receding gums and are only made aware of the condition when they start having sudden sharp pains when brushing or eating. The pain is due to the exposed root nerves, and for a reversal of the condition it is necessary for the gum line to be rebuilt to healthy levels. Gum recession has been proven to get worse over time and what was initially ignorable or manageable pain will after a while be unbearable making the gum line restoration process a necessity.

For long, periodontists have always used the gum grafting surgery as the standard procedure for correcting gum recession globally. As the name suggests, gum grafting involves the cutting of healthy donor tissues from an area which has not been affected and then having it sutured in place by covering the exposed tooth root to rebuild the patient’s gum line. It is by all evaluations a highly efficient procedure which is accepted and used by seasoned periodontists who have handled lots of patients over the years. Nonetheless, as research takes the centre stage in the field of dentistry, it has not been the only technique which is currently being accepted for use on patients with receding gums.

Currently, the new procedure is the pinhole gum surgery which has revolutionised the approach to gum recession and offered patients an alternative they will love. The procedure unlike gum grafting does not require donor tissues and thereby eliminates the necessity of cutting and suturing. It is as such a minimally invasive procedure which saves patients from having to require two surgical sites as with gum grafting making it less complicated and painful. The main similarity is that since both processes are surgical, patients will have to be under localised anaesthesia and during the procedure minimal discomforts will be felt. As with all other procedures, the duration is determined by the extent of the gum recession and the number of teeth that have been affected. Patients that have lots of teeth affected will on average spend more time undergoing the procedure compared to those who only have a single tooth affected.

The main benefits of the Chiao pinhole surgery technique over gum grafting are felt in the post-treatment period where clients get to have the assurance of faster healing time. They will also not have to deal with the uncomfortable sutures which take a while before they can fully integrate and one feels normal again. It is also a procedure whose results is immediately noticed and will offer long-lasting results for excellent and natural-looking smiles. The costs of the procedure are equally affordable, and a periodontist will provide a breakdown after analysing the individual case and taking to account the severity of the recession. It is ultimately what the modern patient desires when they want to treat exposed tooth roots without any complications.

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