How millions of websites coping with different desktop and phone screens these days? It looks magical but behind the scene, technology persists, making websites adjustable to all the screens out there.

What is Responsive Web Designing?

Responsive Web Designing is the name that proposes the design and development of the website while considering user displays such as desktop size, platform, and preferences. Adapting these terms, it delivers the overwhelming experience whether the user is using a laptop, tablet, or phone.

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Working of Responsive web designing:

This technology is the best answer to the previous needs of scrolling, zooming, and resizing that were usually required when the website was not honed for multiple platforms. Earlier, due to exertion in navigation and display, customers used to leave the website, hence high bounce rate.

But Now! This new approach of Responsive web designing works on a blend of different layouts, images, grids, and most important CSS( Cascading Style Sheet) media queries that help in adjusting screen based on screen size, color, preference, alignment, resolution and particular features of user’s device.

How Responsive Web designing important to Web Designers?

If you are new to website designing and trying to establish your career in this field, responsive web designing would prove boon for you. This type of web designing decreases your loads of work making website flexible for every single device in the market available. Moreover, it also imparts benefits to the businessman, marketing and promotion managers.

Some of the basic advantages:

• One website for all screens: Whether you are using the iPhone or Tablet, one website is sufficient for the best experience.
• Best design: By using responsive web designing, you can adjust all typefaces, photos, HTML elements, etc. despite the display size and preference.
• Passing on other options: While designing for different devices passing options can be used to show user display properties to a website to adjust the screen accordingly. But after the use of responsive web designing, there is no requirement of redirects.

Is Investing in Responsive web designs beneficial?

We are living in the world of Internet, where technology has become the priority. Due to which, It is very crucial to make your website responsive for all platforms available.

Responsive web design becomes a need of today with an increasing number of mobile users. Though it is responsive for both desktop and mobile, a number of mobile users have surpassed the desktop users hence the increasing demand for responsive websites.

Benefits of investing in Responsive designs:

• Flexible: If you have a website made with responsive web designs, it is easy to alter things in less time. This is the biggest factor that is contributing to advancement in various sectors.
• Better user experience: While using the website, customer experience and feedback is very important. If you want to take your potential customer back on your website, choosing the responsive design is the only way out.

While working on your website, if your HTML element doesn’t load your pictures and take more time, it shows your image of dull and unskilled. Hence, no one will ever get ready for business with such websites. So make sure your designs are responsive for better user experience.

• Easy to navigate: Switching from one page to other, sometimes frustrate customer, leaving no option behind. So, if you want to catch more and more traffic to gain top rank in Google, use responsive designs.
• Cost-effective: Keeping different version of the website for mobile and desktop users is a bit expensive. But with adapting responsive designs, you need to put expenses on a single website for all devices.

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