Responsibilities and Duties with a Career in Business Administration

In today’s multi-faceted and competitive world, not to mention recessionary, individuals who wish to lead the pack and be successful need to possess a broad portfolio of strengths. The job becomes easier if one can come across a one-stop-shop for developing such a skill-set. That one-stop solution is getting a business administration major.

The field of business administration has created some of the most dynamic leaders of our world and given rise to the status quo of competition amongst business schools to produce the next Bill Gates or Warren Buffet. One of the key features of adopting the business administration career is that the job opportunities are quite a few, since the business administration degree is a general method of equipping a “Bachelors in Business Administration” incumbent with a powerful skill-set.

Let’s explore some business administration information.
Definition of “Business Administration”

Generally, the term “business administration” implies planning, organizing, staffing, leading or directing, and controlling an organization (a group of one or more people or entities), or effort for the purpose of accomplishing a common goal. Organizational resources that come into play, during the course of such endeavor, include, human resources, financial resources, technological resources, and even natural resources at times.

Hence, for the sheer purpose that a lot of the work involved means exerting influence on others, a business administration job description required utmost care in demeanor.

Since a business administration professional typically serves as a hub of information for all other elements involved, he needs to be well-informed himself. That implies keeping one’s reading up-to-date through publications that provide key business world information such as the Wall Street Journal or BusinessWeek. Moreover, oral and written language skills need to be quite toned, since such a manager deals with employees, suppliers and customers.

The image projected needs to be very professional and that is only possible if rhetoric skills are polished. Sometimes, because basic accounting can be involved, the mathematical skills need to be relatively good as well. Finally, the ability to learn from surroundings and then implementing best practices definitely needs to be in place. The business administration job outlook is evolutionary in nature.
Education & Qualifications

Traditionally, a four-year degree in Business Administration, such as B.S. Management Sciences, is usually the stepping-stone towards a good business administration salary and future. However, because competition has been heightened to new levels today, a Masters in Business Administration can be considered a preliminary part of the business administration job description.

A lot of times it can happen non-conventionally as well, for eg. an individual with a Chartered Accountant education is also selected for the job, since the qualification includes detailed coverage of business administration functions as well.
Duties and Responsibilities of a Business Administration Assistant

Although duties and responsibilities of the manager can vary, depending on organizational structure and management culture, some elements of the genre are always central to the business administration job description.
Organizational Duties

First, and foremost, organizing business information. Since a business administrator is expected to accomplish goals and incite others to do the same, it is critical that he have information on all business units at hand, in real-time. Such information can help the incumbent to chalk out an actionable plan to achieve organizational objectives.
Coordination Responsibilities

Secondly, the coordination of organizational elements. Once the action plan has been strategized, the tasks need to be allotted to concerned individuals or departments, and then the “bigger picture” also needs to be explained. If all resources concerned have an idea of what their contribution means to the overall performance, it makes them feel important and wanted, leading to a boost in overall productivity.
Administrative Duties

Once everything is in place, the good resource is required to effectively administer the functionality of each organizational element. Following-up and making sure that there are no performance lags is key to the role. This requires a very intricate business acumen, as well as a personal relationship with each resource involved.
The Modern Business Administrator

Over the past ten years, the business world has changed significantly. Learning from the 90’s and its dot-com boom, managers have had to evolve significantly. Hence, part of the modern-day manager’s responsibilities can center largely around technology. Hence, being tech-savvy really pays off these days. Also, it is fruitful to stay affiliated with a professional organization such as the Association of Business Executives or Chartered Association of Business Administrators. The more the professional outlook, the more the results!

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