When our mind, heart and body are tired, our Soul will feel drained. Sometimes we push ourselves too much and we forget the natural state of who we are. That’s fine as long as we remember at some point and bring ourselves back in alignment. You can do that by taking a time out from the everyday responsibilities. It’s more than taking time for you. It is taking time from you. A lot of us do not realize that we do need to take time from ourselves. This is where our Spiritual self realize that we need to be replenished at our very core.

After several trial and errors, I have learned what replenishes my soul. Music, dancing, writing and food I ate as a child in my native country Jamaica are now essentials for replenishing my soul. In my native culture we have a lot of delicious sweets. Two of my favourites are Coconut Drops and Gizzadas. The Coconut Drops are made with diced coconut, ginger and sugar. You boil all the ingredients together and then you scoop up spoonfuls at a time and then place them on a banana leaf to dry. The mixture sticks together to form a delicious snack. Loved them as a child so that is what I feed my soul. I do not know how to make Gizzadas, but I ate them all the time as a child. I find that when we go back to the things we loved as children, our souls feel contented. It’s a ride back to innocence.

Learn to listen to your soul and what it is asking for. Replenishing your soul requires more than just taking a physical break because your body is tired. Matter-of-fact, your mind, and body could very well be in working mode and you do not feel physically tired. You may feel some discontent in the center of your chest and even deeper you feel disconnected from the rest of you. It could be heartburn you are feeling, but chances are your soul is restless.

You will know when your Soul is being replenished. It’s the feeling you get when you sink into a warm Aromatherapy bath. Oils, candles, various scents can help to relax you. Maybe it’s taking a walk in nature or sitting by the Ocean. You may read a book that takes you away from the everyday issues of life, take you away from your issues with you and transport you to a place that elevates your soul. I would also suggest no alcohol. Remember you are taking time away from you.

Don’t push against yourself. Don’t fight against the natural state of who you are. If you are in the mood to work, then work until your soul tells you to stop. Then you stop. If you begin to do something but your body is offering resistance, then stop doing what you are doing and chose something else.

If we learn to work with all four quadrants of our physical self our mind, body, heart and soul then we will be able to become whole in all that we do.

For example, if your mind has a thought, check to see how your heart is responding.

Does your heart say go ahead? Good.

Now check with how your body is reacting. Is your clenched or is it relaxed?
Relaxed? Great

Now that your mind, heart and body are in agreement, what does your Soul say? Is it feeling contented with the decision of the other three colleagues? If yes, then bingo, you are in alignment.

This comes with practice because we were never taught to think with the other quadrant of our Spiritual self.

When the four quadrants of the physical self are aligned we will now experience the full essence of our Spiritual selves.


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