Many new college graduates are looking for jobs. While the jobs outlook for many careers in the United States is fairly bleak due to the economy, nevertheless there are some fields in which the jobs market is growing. Sustainable energy is one of those areas. For those with the proper background and experience, as well as those who want to make a difference in how our country operates, a job in renewable resources and sustainable energy may be a perfect fit.

Types of Jobs In Clean Energy

For recent graduates with a degree in engineering, the field of renewable energy offers several different types of careers. Jobs such as electrical engineer, mechanical design and modeling engineer, semiconductor packaging engineer, systems engineer, and a generalist engineer are all used in the renewable resources field. New college graduates may want to look for generalist engineering jobs first.

These are typically entry-level jobs in green energy, and give you an excellent way to build experience in the field for which you have been trained. Some of the requirements that engineers need in order to procure this type of entry-level job is a degree from an accredited university, written and spoken communication skills, as well as practical and analytical ability in the fields of engineering or physics. You will want to be familiar with common computer programs that would be used on the job, such as MS Office Suite. New engineers need to show that they can plan and coordinate projects, and also have the skills to develop and deliver functional reports, as well as PowerPoint presentations.

There are many steps that you can take to make your resume and experience stand out from the other applicants for entry-level green careers in engineering. Learn how to use solid model and drawing creation software programs, and then get experience in the field using them. Any type of job that offers you hands-on experience will also bring your resume to the top of a human resources director's stack of applicants. Every company wants a new employee who can develop products at low cost, and so if you can get experience in this area it will play well when you are looking for a new green engineering job.

Another area in which you can shine is in that of professional work habits. If you can show that you are innovative in your designing solutions, and have a great attitude and the capability of working fairly long hours, you will be well on your way to finding that new job in clean energy.

In this article Jonathon Blocker writes about renewable resources and green careers

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