Though medications help several ulcerative colitis patients achieve long-term Deep Remission or the symptom-free stage, surgery to remove colon is an indispensable option in nearly 23 to 45 percent of the cases reported. Here are the common reasons why surgery becomes a necessity to combat moderate to severe ulcerative colitis conditions:
1.The preliminary medications fail to provide relief or remission
2.Aggravation of the disease condition and higher risks of colorectal cancer
3.Rupture of colon and life threatening complications that follow
4.Severe and sudden exacerbation of gastrointestinal inflammation as well as the symptoms of the disease
5.Extensive and fatal bleeding
6.Side effects medications that are commonly recommended to curb ulcerative colitis and intestinal inflammation
7.Toxic megacolon
Proctocolectomy or surgical removal of colon and rectum is undoubtedly not the preliminary choice of treatment, but turns out to be the best option of UC patients grapple with the aforementioned complications. As the entire colon is removed through a specialised surgery, an alternative path is created for the removal of solid waste from the body. Ileostomy is the commonly recommended alternative route, which is created surgically by opening the abdominal wall, easing the passage of waste materials. An ileoanal pouch anal anastomosis involves the creation of an internal pouch to connect with anus, thus allowing the solid waste to be removed through a natural opening. Proctocolectomy can never be regarded as a complete cure from the debilitating signs and gastrointestinal inflammation that ulcerative colitis patients face. However, when it comes to curbing severe ulcerative colitis conditions in the quickest and effective manner, proctocolectomy is by far the best and safest available treatment option. Ulcerative colitis surgeries are recommended under the following conditions:

Severe ulcerative colitis conditions with sudden and unmanageable flare-ups cannot be curbed with medications alone, the reason why an emergency surgery is recommended. No IBD medications can help such patients achieve long-term remission.

Perforation of the colon is another life threatening complication that ulcerative colitis patients often deal with. Surgery helps avoid the risk of dealing with the grave situation dealing with the spilling of content in the intestine into the abdomen. Failure to avert this can lead to peritonitis.

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